RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Bucs finish off 3-game sweep at Baker Bowl with extra-inning thriller...Vinny out of school and unsure what other trouble he can get into...Robins look for a sweep against Cards...

June 15, 1924

Dear Rachel:

It's been almost a month since we bumped into each other at that music club in Chicago, so I was wondering how you were doing and when I can come visit you again.

I finally graduated public school, which is a big load off my mind. I was able to finish with pretty decent grades somehow, even though I did more studying at ball fields than in the class room. I'll explain why this happened at some later point.

Anyway, it sure seems like your Robins are back on the winning track after their tough trip out west, so that must be exciting for you. Has your father gone to more Ebbets games with you or do you just go with Margie? My Phillies as you probably read in the newspaper are a lousy team in their home park, maybe because the dinky fences can't keep the other teams from bombing homers. The Pirates put 30 runs on the board in two games against us and I'm sure glad they finally left town. I think they're up in Boston starting tomorrow, and the Braves are the worst team in years so that should keep their winning vacation going for a while.

Now that I'm out of school I have to start thinking about getting some kind of job, but I really don't have an idea about that yet. Maybe you can help me if I come visit you again.

Benny is doing okay, even though he's still a little blue after his two-day romance with Miss Philadelphia Ruth Malcolmson fizzled like bad seltzer. His head was pretty much in the clouds about her, but I have to say I had a chance to meet her myself for an Athletics game with Benny and even though she was cuter than a peach I thought she was a little snobby.

How are your parents and brother and sister doing? I sort of forgot their names because I didn't see them for too long. I'll be sure to remember them next time, if I ever I come visit you again.

So write me back soon if you can. I miss dancing and looking at the moon with you. There was no Phillies game today because of church reasons and I've been mostly sitting around my house. But I just looked at the schedule and saw that they have a three-game series up at Ebbets Field starting on June 20th. Isn't that interesting?

Good night, Rachel!

Only National League games today:

at GIANTS 2-7-1, REDS 0-10-2
This is the type of game that Cincy usually wins with cheap late hits, but not this time. Mule Watson gives up ten of them but gets out of every jam and Jonnard gets out the final five guys. Irish Meusel's homer off Killer Carl Mays is all New York needs, but Snyder adds a sacrifice fly later anyway to put them just two games out again.

CARDINALS 8-11-1, at ROBINS 2-6-1
Uh-oh, I hope writing this letter to Rachel didn't jinx her team. Dutch Ruether gets creamed for seven runs in the 5th and Leo Dickerman casts a pitching spell on their bats. Now the Cards and Reds cross town, with St. Louis at the Polo Grounds and the Robins having to face nasty Cincy. They'd give anything for some Boston wins against Pittsburgh, but that's kind of like expecting a chipmunk to kill a bear.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Sunday, June 15
Pittsburgh Pirates3520.636
Cincinnati Reds3623.6101
New York Giants3423.5962
Brooklyn Robins3026.5365.5
St. Louis Cardinals3228.5335.5
Chicago Cubs2731.4669.5
Philadelphia Phillies2235.38614
Boston Braves1343.23222.5

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