RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Phils pull out late thriller against Cubs...Vinny waiting for Rachel to answer his letter...Pirates feast on dead Braves...

June 18, 1924

The weather finally cooled down today. Benny planned to buy just two lemonades at the game instead of the typical six, and right after the game started there was more good luck spilling all over us.

Pete Alexander, that old souse, went on another bender last night apparently, because after Carlson pitched like junk for us in the top of the 1st and gave the Cubs five runs on six hits, old Alex grounded out to end the inning, tripped over his own feet on his way down the base path and knocked himself out.

That's right: Guy Bush and Sheriff Blake were forced to pitch the whole game for them, and it was only a matter of time before we got back in it.

Well actually, it took about four innings. See, Carlson was still a big joke out there, and after Friberg, Heathcote and Grantham began the 2nd with hits it was 7-0 Chicago. Then we grabbed our lunch pails and went to work. Holke homered to start our 4th, Williams walked, Wrightstone singled and the Sheriff walked into Pitching Town to save the day. Except he didn't. Wilson said howdy with a double, Mokan singled, and after the next two guys went out, a wild pitch and three more singles tied the score 7-7!

Now Blake is a horrible pitcher, but because Rip Wheeler was used too much in yesterday's clubbing party, manager Bill Killefer had no choice except to use him the rest of the way. The problem was that our bullpen was just as stretched, so Fletcher was refusing to change his pitcher, too, like a pair of smelly drawers he just couldn't take off. Three walks, a single and plunked Butch Weis began the 5th and we were behind again 9-7. This drove Benny crazy and he started cursing at Fletcher from the grandstand until a cop came over to shut him up.

The Sheriff gave us three runs right back, though, and after a Holke single we had the lead for the first time 10-9! Then Ford booted one in top of the 6th, Grantham whacked a ball onto the train tracks and we were losing again. Cripes. Ray Grimes then popped a ball right toward us in the stands, and Benny jumped over two old men to snatch it. "I'm keeping this baby," he said, even though all foul balls are supposed to be thrown back on the field to save the team money. Sure enough, the cop who shut him up before appeared again and asked for the ball back. Benny decided it wasn't worth getting arrested and missing the rest of the exciting game for, so he handed it over.

Unfortunately, that's where the thrills stopped. The Cubs scored a run in the 7th, two in the 8th on a Grimes homer off Huck Betts who finally replaced the sickening Carlson, and another in the 9th on a Grimes triple while Sheriff Blake turned into Davey Crockett out there and roped us to a tree for the last four innings.

I was able to calm down Benny a little after with a root beer float at our favorite parlor, but I could tell his head was still cooking. What I wasn't expecting was the telegram from Western Union that was waiting for me when I got home. Mama gave it to me with a worried look on her face, saying she just "had to open it." I sat down at the kitchen table for a read:



Mama and me looked at each other. My words could barely come out, but it was clear I was missing tomorrow's game for an emergency trip to Brooklyn. And not the way I wanted to be going there. Good night if I can even sleep, reader-people!

CHC 520 022 121 - 15 18 1
PHL 000 730 000 - 10 15 1

Other National League games today:

ROBINS 7-17-4, REDS 4-9-2
This one is for Rachel, wherever she is right now. Tied 2-2 in the 5th, Zack Wheat homers of Luque to start a big 4-run rally and Ehrhardt saves Burleigh Grimes' eighth victory.

at GIANTS 7-14-0, CARDINALS 4-9-0
McGraw tries Kelly in the third lineup spot this time, and he doubles in the first run before making outs his next four times, but it proves the hit that gets the Giants ahead to stay. Jonnard throws three innings of great relief for Art Nehf and Hornsby gets no hits and two walks in five times up.

The sun comes up in the morning, and...
PIRATES 4-10-0, at BRAVES 1-8-0

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 18
Pittsburgh Pirates3920.661
Cincinnati Reds3725.5973.5
New York Giants3525.5834.5
Brooklyn Robins3227.5427
St. Louis Cardinals3429.5407
Chicago Cubs2932.47511
Philadelphia Phillies2337.38316.5
Boston Braves1347.21726.5

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