By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 19, 1924

Ty Cobb can tell you. Personally causing your team's loss when you are managing said team can be a devastating turn of events. Players who look to you for leadership and support are left in a rudderless abyss and often need to find dry morning land on their own.

Such was the case at Navin Field today, as the suddenly resurgent Indians re-visited our neighborhood, fresh from taking three of four from the Yankees and before that, four straight from Boston. It was their misfortune, though, to run into the Earl of Whitehill, who has been spinning masterpieces of hurling lately. Skipper Speaker doubled off him with two outs in the 1st, but Riggs Stephenson, back from an ailment, left him there with a short fly. Joe Sewell and Speaker singled with two outs again two innings later, but this time Riggs grounded out.

Meanwhile Harry Heilman, hero of yesterday, was stranding runners aplenty for our side, failing after three straight Fred Haney hits off Joe Shaute. The game remained scoreless through the first six frames, a remarkable achievement when one considers the power of these clubs' collective clout.

With one out in the Tiger 7th, though, Frank O'Rourke reached on his third single. Whitehill then lofted a fly straight out to Speaker. The sun had been playing peek-and-seek all afternoon behind thin clouds, and as the ball reached its pinnacle it was evident Tris was having trouble locating it. Sure enough, he threw up his mitt at the last moment and was as stunned as the thousands of witnesses were to have it nick off the top and bound insanely toward the deep fence. By the time he tracked down the sphere, O'Rourke had scampered home and Whitehill was standing on third base. Shaute was visibly unnerved, threw a muffin-ball to Rigney, and Topper rammed it into the corner for a double and 2-0 lead!

Egg still dripping down his face, Speaker singled with one out in the 8th, Stephenson followed with one of his own, but the Earl induced a twin killing off the bat of George Burns to end the threat. Another minor disturbance went by the wayside in the 9th, Whitehill had his tidy 10-hit shutout, and Detroit had won six games in a row.

Cobb was thrilled later about the result. "Home runs? Who needs 'em? We got more line hits in our bureau than a buccaneer's got dubloons in the sand." Someone mentioned the error by Speaker was a lucky break and Cobb froze the reporter with a baleful stare before ducking into the nearest shower stall.

CLE 000 000 000 - 0 10 1
DET 000 000 20x - 2 8 0

Only other American League game today:

at BROWNS 10-14-0, WHITE SOX 8-10-2
One of the more thrilling spectacles of this or any year, and no one expected it. The Chicagos have had their way with St. Louis all season, and with Sloppy Thurston staked to a 6-2 after three on the horrific Ray Kolp, Brownie fans were already making their dinner plans. It was actually 8-2 in the last of the 6th when four Browns singles and a key flub from Bill Barrett gave St. Louis four runs and put them back in the contest. A Pat Collins single in the 8th pulled them to 8-7, as great relief twirling from George Grant and Hub Pruett kept matters close. But after Tobin and pinch-hitter Severeid both singled to begin the last of the 9th, up stepped famous batsman George Sisler. He picked out a Thurston curve, swung mightily and cracked it on a magnificent arc out to right. Hooper gave chase but ran out of room as the ball dropped into the Sportsman Park pavilion amidst a gaggle of celebrating fans.

Washington will be in Shibe Park tomorrow, now with a 2-game advantage, while the Red Sox will take their losing streak into Yankee Stadium.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Thursday, June 19
Washington Senators 4124.631
Chicago White Sox 3825.6032
Detroit Tigers 3529.5475.5
New York Yankees 3131.5008.5
Philadelphia Athletics 3034.46910.5
St. Louis Browns 2736.42913
Cleveland Indians 2737.42213.5
Boston Red Sox 2437.39315



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Phillies almost pull off comeback win against Cubs...WIll the Braves ever win again?...Rachel too sick to answer Vinny's letter and action is needed...

June 19, 1924

Thankfully my baggage friend at the train station remembered who I was and got me a nice spot between a stack of steamer trunks and carton of pickle jars. I was on my way back to New York first thing to visit Rachel, who was sick with some disease her father couldn't even tell me about in his telegram. So because I was anxious to get up there the train trip seemed to take three times longer than the last few times.

When I got to Pennsylvania Station I took an elevated train over the river to Brooklyn, then got on the Franklin Shuttle line that went to her neighborhood. It was crowded with Robins fans heading to Ebbets Field for their last game with the Reds, and if I wasn't worried to death about Rachel I probably would have been joining them.

It took me a while getting lost on foot before I could locate her street in Prospect Heights. Her little brother and sister answered the door and said she was in the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital not too far away, with a bad case of something called red fever. Her parents were there watching over her and didn't want any other visitors but that sure wasn't going to stop me. I bought some flowers from a girl on a corner and went straight to the hospital.

A nurse at a desk told me what room she was in, then changed her mind and said it was off limits and I couldn't go up. I said okay, then found some back stairs and went up anyway. I peeked into the room, saw both her mother and father sitting there holding hands with these creepy white masks on their mouths, so I looked around until I found a supply closet and grabbed one for myself.

Ruth was shocked when I walked in, but when she saw the big bunch of flowers it calmed her down. Saul shook my hand three times and kept calling me a "mensch", which I guess is a Jewish word for a good thing. The "red fever" was actually scarlet fever and Rachel looked awful, her face all pale and sticky and these little red sores around her mouth. She smiled when she saw me but it was one of those weak ones and her throat was so swollen up she couldn't even talk. I got a chair next to her and rubbed her arm for a few minutes through her hospital dress.

She slept for a while, then seemed kind of thirsty when she woke up so I went out with her glass to try and find more water for it. I went past a room with some colored clean-up guys sitting there, and they were listening to a scratchy radio machine that had the Reds-Robins game on it, right from Ebbets Field. I asked the score and one guy said Carl Mays had a 6-2 lead on Brooklyn just an inning ago and now it was 6-5. I brought the news back to Rachel with the water and she gave me a weak nod.

Her father fell asleep after a while, her mother sat there and knitted, and I went back for more water and a few more scores but things were getting worse down the street. Cincy had scored four runs in the 8th to put the game to bed. I couldn't bear to tell Rachel this, so I just said the score was tied and that the Robins were getting lots of men on base. She held the sleeve of my shirt and fell asleep with a smile.

Saul and Ruth shooed the nurse away when she started asking who I was, then invited me home for dinner with them when the visiting time was over. I really liked them, even though her mother served those weird flat potato cakes again, and after the meal before they put me up in their spare room I had a chance to teach little Sammy and Sarah a card game or two. The doctor said that Rachel might be able to come home tomorrow or Saturday if her fever drops below 100 degrees, but there's a good chance it won't.

An announcer on Mr. Stone's radio machine mentioned that the Phillies got mauled by the Cubs today, but you know what? Even though they're now on their way up here for a weekend at Ebbets Field, they are the farthest thing from my mind. Good night reader-people, and especially you Rachel.

CHI 505 001 210 - 14 19 0
PHL 100 000 000 - 1 6 3

W-Aldridge L-Oescheger
REAL LOSER-Benny (sorry you had to suffer through this)

Other National League games today:

REDS 14-20-1, at ROBINS 5-18-3
Mays lasts the whole game but Bill Doak sure doesn't, getting plagued by the usual Cincy dink hits after Brooklyn errors. Decatur and Henry mostly responsible for the ten late runs. The Reds now spend the weekend in Pittsburgh, lucky them.

at BRAVES 7-10-0, GIANTS 5-11-0
Absolute proof that McGraw's team has no chance of winning the pennant. They score three runs in the top of the 1st but Bentley gives up five straight hits to the Braves seconds later, finished off by a triple from someone named Gus Felix. Boston had lost eight in a row and their starter Benton was 1-8 going in. Guess that's why we play all the games!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Thursday, June 19
Pittsburgh Pirates3920.661
Cincinnati Reds3825.6033
New York Giants3526.5745
St. Louis Cardinals3429.5407
Brooklyn Robins3228.5337.5
Chicago Cubs3032.48410.5
Philadelphia Phillies2338.37717
Boston Braves1447.23026




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 18, 1924

As the Tigers approach July with a still-active pennant race pulse in their veins, they must certainly wish they could take the field against the toppling Red Sox day in and day out. With today's 8th inning explosion against Alex Ferguson and Buster Ross, Detroit finished off a 4-game sweep of the beleaguered Bostonians and have now conquered them in seven of the nine meetings thus far.

The game didn't appear to be headed in a victorious direction, however. A single, Pratt error, Harris double and Veach triple put Rip Collins behind 2-0 in the 3rd, and the Tigers could do little with Ferguson, despite his lowly 2-7 mark. But Heilman doubled with one retired in the 3rd and Manush singled him home to cut the deficit to 2-1. Collins got in more trouble in the 5th and 6th as Red Sox filled the bases on both occasions, but the Ripper was able to squeeze free.

O'Rourke struck a rare triple to begin the Detroit 7th, scored on a Rigney fly and the contest was knotted. It was then Cobb's turn to light his club's latest offensive fuse. He crackled a triple into the nether-field to begin the 8th, skipped home on Heilman's line single, and watched merrily as Manush singled to boot out Ferguson. After Bassler forced, Pratt and O'Rourke bonked consecutive doubles, Collins singled, and five runs were on the board quicker than young june bugs.

Collins improved to 9-2 with the complete win, and the boys closed to within six games of the top. The Tigers now welcome in their neighboring Clevelanders for a 4-game set before hitting the high road again for St. Louis.

BOS 002 000 000 - 2 8 0
DET 000 100 15x - 7 13 1

Other American League games today:

at WHITE SOX 6-13-2, SENATORS 4-10-0
The first-place Washingtonians won't be there much longer if they can't figure how to defeat Chicago. With both Hooper and Sheely out of the lineup with hurts, the Sox still pummel Firpo Marberry for four runs on five hits in the bottom of the 1st after Barrett had given the Nats a brief lead with two egregious errors. Ted Blankenship pitches inexplicably well again for his 7th win, despite needing Lyons to come on and throw one pitch for a game-ending double play off Harris' bat.

at INDIANS 6-12-0, YANKEES 3-7-2
Once more, New York fails to capitalize on a Washington slip. Staked to a quick 2-0 advantage after a half inning, Bob Shawkey pitches like a ragamuffin cripple for three innings, giving the Tribe two runs in each frame on eight singles, four walks, two errors of his own making and a Frank Brower homer. And after filling the sacks in the 1st, the Yanks do practically nothing with Sherry Smith the rest of the game, Ruth contributing his usual three hitless at bats.

ATHLETICS 3-6-1, at BROWNS 1-9-2
A sterling pitcher's duel between Rommel and Danforth is settled in the 7th on a 2-run clout from Sammy Hale. Meeker relieves with all stations stuffed in the 9th and finished off the game on a Syl Simon double play ball as the Indians pass the Browns into 6th place. The Mackmen? They are just two games behind New York.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 18
Washington Senators 4124.631
Chicago White Sox 3824.6131.5
Detroit Tigers 3429.5406
New York Yankees 3131.5008.5
Philadelphia Athletics 3034.46910.5
Cleveland Indians 2736.42913
St. Louis Browns 2636.41913.5
Boston Red Sox 2437.39315



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Phils pull out late thriller against Cubs...Vinny waiting for Rachel to answer his letter...Pirates feast on dead Braves...

June 18, 1924

The weather finally cooled down today. Benny planned to buy just two lemonades at the game instead of the typical six, and right after the game started there was more good luck spilling all over us.

Pete Alexander, that old souse, went on another bender last night apparently, because after Carlson pitched like junk for us in the top of the 1st and gave the Cubs five runs on six hits, old Alex grounded out to end the inning, tripped over his own feet on his way down the base path and knocked himself out.

That's right: Guy Bush and Sheriff Blake were forced to pitch the whole game for them, and it was only a matter of time before we got back in it.

Well actually, it took about four innings. See, Carlson was still a big joke out there, and after Friberg, Heathcote and Grantham began the 2nd with hits it was 7-0 Chicago. Then we grabbed our lunch pails and went to work. Holke homered to start our 4th, Williams walked, Wrightstone singled and the Sheriff walked into Pitching Town to save the day. Except he didn't. Wilson said howdy with a double, Mokan singled, and after the next two guys went out, a wild pitch and three more singles tied the score 7-7!

Now Blake is a horrible pitcher, but because Rip Wheeler was used too much in yesterday's clubbing party, manager Bill Killefer had no choice except to use him the rest of the way. The problem was that our bullpen was just as stretched, so Fletcher was refusing to change his pitcher, too, like a pair of smelly drawers he just couldn't take off. Three walks, a single and plunked Butch Weis began the 5th and we were behind again 9-7. This drove Benny crazy and he started cursing at Fletcher from the grandstand until a cop came over to shut him up.

The Sheriff gave us three runs right back, though, and after a Holke single we had the lead for the first time 10-9! Then Ford booted one in top of the 6th, Grantham whacked a ball onto the train tracks and we were losing again. Cripes. Ray Grimes then popped a ball right toward us in the stands, and Benny jumped over two old men to snatch it. "I'm keeping this baby," he said, even though all foul balls are supposed to be thrown back on the field to save the team money. Sure enough, the cop who shut him up before appeared again and asked for the ball back. Benny decided it wasn't worth getting arrested and missing the rest of the exciting game for, so he handed it over.

Unfortunately, that's where the thrills stopped. The Cubs scored a run in the 7th, two in the 8th on a Grimes homer off Huck Betts who finally replaced the sickening Carlson, and another in the 9th on a Grimes triple while Sheriff Blake turned into Davey Crockett out there and roped us to a tree for the last four innings.

I was able to calm down Benny a little after with a root beer float at our favorite parlor, but I could tell his head was still cooking. What I wasn't expecting was the telegram from Western Union that was waiting for me when I got home. Mama gave it to me with a worried look on her face, saying she just "had to open it." I sat down at the kitchen table for a read:



Mama and me looked at each other. My words could barely come out, but it was clear I was missing tomorrow's game for an emergency trip to Brooklyn. And not the way I wanted to be going there. Good night if I can even sleep, reader-people!

CHC 520 022 121 - 15 18 1
PHL 000 730 000 - 10 15 1

Other National League games today:

ROBINS 7-17-4, REDS 4-9-2
This one is for Rachel, wherever she is right now. Tied 2-2 in the 5th, Zack Wheat homers of Luque to start a big 4-run rally and Ehrhardt saves Burleigh Grimes' eighth victory.

at GIANTS 7-14-0, CARDINALS 4-9-0
McGraw tries Kelly in the third lineup spot this time, and he doubles in the first run before making outs his next four times, but it proves the hit that gets the Giants ahead to stay. Jonnard throws three innings of great relief for Art Nehf and Hornsby gets no hits and two walks in five times up.

The sun comes up in the morning, and...
PIRATES 4-10-0, at BRAVES 1-8-0

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 18
Pittsburgh Pirates3920.661
Cincinnati Reds3725.5973.5
New York Giants3525.5834.5
Brooklyn Robins3227.5427
St. Louis Cardinals3429.5407
Chicago Cubs2932.47511
Philadelphia Phillies2337.38316.5
Boston Braves1347.21726.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 17, 1924

Who would have thought the Tigers could score ten runs off a team's ace in the very first inning, yet still struggle to win the game? Every Tiger fan, that is who.

Fifteen Detroiters visited the dish in the opening stanza, and all but twelve reached base. Cobb actually came up twice to collect a single and double and knock in four. But our hurling conductor Ken Holloway was at his sorriest today, and it was only a matter of time before the trap door opened beneath his cleats.

Four straight singles gave Boston two runs in the 3rd. A Veach triple and Shano Collins single made it 10-4 in the 5th. Cole relieved him in the 6th but was even worse, if that were possible. A Veach double and Shano single cut the Tiger lead to 10-7. Cole got two back himself with a big double in the 6th, but then Cole and Dauss gave Boston four more tallies in the 7th and it was suddenly 12-11.

The Navin crowd was as bitter and vocal as I've ever heard them, and there were even scribes around me smashing their typewriter keys. But Cobb singled in the 7th for his fourth hit, Heilman doubled him home, and Dauss calmed down to save his second game in a row.

Manager Tyrus Raymond, by the way, has his batting mark up to .407, tops in the circuit, and it's comforting to see most of the regulars stroking sweetly of late. And they have to, because the last Tiger home run was hit by Heinie Manush in Yankee Stadium on May 24th off Waite Hoyt—24 games ago.

BOS 102 013 400 - 11 18 2
DET (10)00 002 10x - 13 16 0

Other American League games today:

SENATORS 4-5-1, at WHITE SOX 3-7-2
Ahead 1-0 with their usual paltry four singles through six innings off Robertson, Bucky Harris makes an error for the Nats and kicks the Chicagoans into gear. Mostil homers instantly, before a hit batter and two singles put the Sox ahead 3-1. But bad defense decides this one, as Barrett boots a Leibold grounder to start the Washington 8th. Two walks and a flub by Robertson tie the game 3-3 and send it into extra innings. Their last hit coming in the 3rd inning, Harris beats out a bunt to help load the bases and Goslin the Amazing flies deep to center for his 14th game-decider of the year. The real star of the game is Nat hurler Mogridge, who retires the final 13 hitters for his seventh win.

YANKEES 10-17-2, at INDIANS 5-11-1
Another no-homer game for the Bambino, but he does collect three singles and a double and actually knocks in a run as the Yanks break the game open with five runs in the 7th to make a winner out of Waite Hoyt.

ATHLETICS 7-10-1, BROWNS 5-13-3
Philadelphia gets six of their seven runs off Shocker in the 3rd inning, but Burns, Harriss and Meeker hold off the bashing Brownies.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Tuesday, June 17
Washington Senators 4123.641
Chicago White Sox 3724.6072.5
Detroit Tigers 3329.5327
New York Yankees 3130.5088.5
Philadelphia Athletics 2934.46011.5
St. Louis Browns 2635.42613.5
Cleveland Indians 2636.41914
Boston Red Sox 2436.40015



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Bucs get a well-deserved rest and beat the Braves by 15 runs...Phils get battered and bruised...Eppa Rixey inflicts Ebbets Field...

June 17, 1924

What a game today! All the schools were out by now in Philadelphia, so Baker Bowl was flooded with kids, and me and Benny decided to stand in the grandstand area behind home plate so we wouldn't go deaf from all the screaming weemies.

It was a good idea, because the Cubs and Phils staged maybe the most exciting game of the year for us, like being on a carnival ride for almost two hours. Jimmy Ring was determined to get his second win but fell behind like he usually does on a Gabby (him again) Hartnett triple, Weis single and Friberg double in the 2nd. Chicago first baseman Ray Grimes butchered a Cy ball with one out in the 4th, and two singles and a walk followed for three Phillie runs. Cub starter Kauffman singled home the tie run in the 6th, but Ring hit a sacrifice pop to match that and we were up 4-3 going to the 7th.

Then things went nuts. Three walks and a double by Weis put the Cubs back in front 5-4 in the 7th. Holke slammed a deep homer to right after a Harper walk in the bottom of the 7th, and so many people stood up in front of us we couldn't even see where the ball landed. But who cared? We were back ahead 6-5!

Uh-oh. Here came a Ring slow-ball to Friberg to start the 8th and Bernie roped it for a double. Grantham hit with one out, everyone in the park afraid to look, and then we knew why. George lined it onto the rail tracks in three seconds flat and the Cubs were back ahead 7-6! Steineder came in to put Ring out of his misery and finish the inning.

With both our catchers hurt, third-stringer Lew Wendell had to play the game and singled to begin the Phillie 8th off Cub reliever Wheeler. Then Ford rapped into an easy double play and we all groaned again. Steindeder got out of the 9th without worry, and came up for our last three outs. Normally we would have sneaked down to great seats by now but no one in the park was leaving. Harper reached on a walk to begin, Holke fanned, and Cy rolled one to Grimes' right but he threw it away for his second horrible play of the game, putting men on second and third. Chicago brought all their infielders close, and when Wrightstone dribbled one between short and third, Harper had to hold at third base even though it was a single.

Mokan then grounded one but the Cubs couldn't make a double play and the game was tied again. Two outs now, Wendell cracked a ball into center, Williams ran home from third and we had the 8-7 win! Yahoo! Benny jumped around a few seconds, slapping my back and knocking my wind out.

Excuse me, reader-people, but us Phillie-stines have been wandering in the loser desert for a while. A happy good night!

Other National League games today:

PIRATES 7-11-1, at BRAVES 3-10-0
PIRATES 6-9-0, at BRAVES 4-10-0
The Braves score three runs on Morrison in the 1st with three doubles, a single and walk and a holiday is declared in Boston. By the time Pittsburgh has scored seven unanswered runs and gone ahead to stay on a 3-run Max Carey homer off Cooney, the parade is cancelled. In the second game, the Braves score three in the 1st once again to take a 3-2 lead, then get shut down by the horrible Jeff Pfeffer until the Bucs can score five unanswered runs. That's seven losses in a row for the mighty Braves, now 2-28 against the Pirates, Reds, Cards and Cubs.

CARDINALS 13-18-0, at GIANTS 5-9-1
A nice nightmare for New York's McQuillan: Two and a third innings pitched, 11 hits and 9 runs. The Giants close it to 9-4 in the 7th, only to have Wayland Dean hand the Cards four more runs in the 9th.

at ROBINS 5-14-1, REDS 2-10-0
Dazzy Vance finally gets a little help from his hitters, as Fournier and Brown knock in big runs early and late. Zack Wheat returns tomorrow, so that should help the Brooklyns keep it going.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Tuesday, June 17
Pittsburgh Pirates3820.655
Cincinnati Reds3724.6072.5
New York Giants3425.5764.5
St. Louis Cardinals3428.5486
Brooklyn Robins3127.5347
Chicago Cubs2832.46711
Philadelphia Phillies2336.39015.5
Boston Braves1346.22025.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 16, 1924

Last in the league in circuit clouts despite a more-than-reachable left field fence, the Detroiters have had to make due all season with an array of free passes and sack hits to compile their runs. Of late, it is all the rage.

For against the wild twirlings of one Oscar Fuhr, the Tigers amassed sixteen base-runners in the first five innings, good for an 8-1 lead against the suddenly decrepit Red Sox. Pitching for Detroit was Ed Wells, whose bizarre outings lately have been more like something out of H.G. Wells. Val Picnich reached him for a triple and homer, and after a Rigney gaffe prolonged the 6th inning, he served doubles to Shano Collins and Homer Ezzell to put Boston back in the contest.

From that point George Murray and Buster Ross shut down our offense with superb relief, and when two singles and a walk loaded the bases in the top of the 7th, our often-erratic bullpenners were called in to save the afternoon.

It is never a pretty thing. Herm Pillette fanned Picinich to end the aforementioned pickle, but Collins and Ezzell touched him for hits to start the 8th. Hooks Dauss entered, Wambsganss brought in a score with a deep parabola of a fly, a passed ball by Fothergill moved Ezzell to third, but Williams and Shanks went out to calm the assembled masses. Dauss then bore down with his hooks in the 9th, putting away Harris, Flagstead and Veach, the toughest part of the Boston lineup, for the victory.

With Washington losing again in Chicago, the Tigers moved another game closer to respectability, and will throw Holloway against the typically tough Ehmke in tomorrow's 2 p,m. tilt.

BOS 000 103 010 - 5 10 4
DET 101 240 00x - 8 10 1

Other American League games today:

at WHITE SOX 5-12-3, SENATORS 4-8-0
Not even the sterling Walter Johnson can cool the sizzling Chicago sticks. The Nats score their runs with singles, walks and errors while the White Sox rack up four doubles and a triple, nearly all at key times, and inch a game closer to the first-placers behind the inexplicably effective hurling of Sarge Connally. Without question, Chicago's good fortune is the story of the season.

at INDIANS 8-17-1, YANKEES 7-13-0 (10 innings)
Anatomy of a muddling, maddening squad. The Yanks give Joe Bush a 6-2 lead heading into the 7th but a walk, two singles and doubles by Speaker and Myatt off reliever Gaston tie the game in short order. New York plates a go-ahead tally in the top of the 9th on a double by Schang, but James Edwards snuffs the rally on matching ground outs to Ward and Scott. Frank Brower, the Tribe first-sacker who won a game at Yankee Stadium earlier with a late homer, cracks Gaston's first offering here in the 9th over the board to tie the score again. Gaston is given yet another chance but is truly ghastly in the 10th. Fewster, Edwards, and Jamieson all single before Brower walks on four pitches for the game-loser. Without a reliable relief arm, the Gothamites have practically no chance in a late, close game.

at BROWNS 10-15-0, ATHLETICS 2-3-0
Dixie Davis is an absolute magician, and the Browns score all their runs in the middle three frames against Sam Gray and assorted fools. Pat Collins collects four singles and a grand slam homer in five sojourns to the dish.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Monday, June 16
Washington Senators 4023.635
Chicago White Sox 3723.6171.5
Detroit Tigers 3229.5257
New York Yankees 3030.5008.5
Philadelphia Athletics 2834.45211.5
St. Louis Browns 2634.43312.5
Cleveland Indians 2635.42613
Boston Red Sox 2435.40714



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Cards avoid 4-game sweep at Ebbets...Vinny writes Rachel a letter while sitting in church, tries to use his magic literary powers to talk her into inviting him up to New York...

June 16, 1924

Well, we had to like our chances against the Cubs today. We took three out of four from them out at Cubs Park, our biggest winner Bill Hubbell with his six wins was pitching, and their guy Vic Keen's record was a crummy 2-8 going in.

So Heathcote doubled to start the game. Grantham tripled with one out, Gabby Hartnett singled, Butch Weis doubled, Friberg walked, Hollocher singled and they were up 3-0 before I tasted even one onion on top of my hot dog. Then with two outs in the 2nd, Grantham singled and Gabby smoked one deep into the bleachers to make it 5-0.

This Hartnett guy is one of the best young backstops to ever come along. Last year he only hit .268 with eight homers but already has 13 knocks this season and might get 100 runs batted in at this rate. They call him Gabby because he's always talking to the hitters and bothering them, and if he wasn't such a jolly dope he probably would have had a bat planted in his head by now. Anyway after Mokan homered for one run and doubled in another to make it 5-2 going to the 7th, Hartnett started another Cub rally with a double of his own. A Wrightstone single made it 6-3 them into the 8th, but that's when Hubbell lost his marbles.

A walk and three straight singles—the last by Gabby, of course, for his fifth run batted in–brought on Huck Betts, and he should have stayed home in bed. Friberg singled and Hooks Cotter walked with two out, and then Hollocher, one of the weakest shortstops around, blasted one over the right fence for a grand slam homer! Glazner mopped up the mess but we were deep in our caskets by then. Our home record now is a sickening 7-19, and we all know the only other team with a worse one.

Good night, reader-people!

CHC 320 000 170 - 13 17 0
PHL 010 001 10x - 3 11 0

Other National League games today:

PIRATES 17-17-2, at BRAVES 2-9-4
Marquard actually threw a shutout against St. Louis his last time out. It was the last time Boston won and it might have been the last game they win all year. The usual Pirate menu of three triples, three doubles and a Pie Traynor homer feeds the onslaught. The Braves are now 2-26 against the four western clubs, and lucky for them get to play two with the Bucs tomorrow.

REDS 3-12-2, at ROBINS 1-7-1
Brooklyn is infected with the usual serious case of Eppa Rixey. With Zack Wheat out of the lineup, they never have a chance against the lefty. Dazzy Vance will try to get the Robins back on track tomorrow against Donohue.

CARDINALS 13-15-0, at GIANTS 7-11-4
Rhem and Barnes are tied at 2-2 into the 7th when St. Louis sends 16 men to the plate and score 11 of them. Hornsby gets five singles in six times up, boosting his average to .449. It's tough to bat .500 for an entire season but he's certainly going to give it a try.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Monday, June 16
Pittsburgh Pirates3620.643
Cincinnati Reds3723.6171
New York Giants3424.5863
St. Louis Cardinals3328.5415.5
Brooklyn Robins3027.5266.5
Chicago Cubs2831.4759.5
Philadelphia Phillies2236.37915
Boston Braves1344.22823.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 15, 1924

It's been an odd week for the Red Sox. Winners of four straight at Comiskey Park, they then travelled to Cleveland and got the sweeping tables turned on them. Thanks to the heroics of assorted Detroiters, their opening match at Navin Field provided little shelter from another storm of hits on their heads.

Chappie Geygan did get them going with a run-scoring, two-out double in the 2nd, but a double by Pratt and single from pitcher Whitehill tied the score quickly. Val Picnich then stroked a homer deep to left to put Boston up 2-1, but from there to the end they slumbered like well-fed tots.

Curt Fullerton began the bottom of the 4th by allowing sharp singles to Manush, Woodall and Pratt to load the sacks. The usually gentle O'Rourke then clobbered a pitch down the left-field stripe for a 2-run double. Rigney re-loaded the bases with a walk, Cobb knocked in two with a flaming single, and it was 6-2 Tigers.

Whitehill laid goose-eggs on the scoreboard the rest of the way, and Detroit just kept scoring. Errors from Geygan and Ira Flagstead gave them two runs in the 7th, before a Blue triple and third Georgia Peach single gave them another pair in the 8th.

Ed Wells will try and rebound tomorrow against Boston's often-inept Oscar Fuhr. Game time is at 2 p.m and children are admitted free with their fathers or guardians.

BOS 011 000 000 - 2 7 3
DET 010 500 22x - 10 11 1

Other American League games today:

at WHITE SOX 11-17-0, SENATORS 4-9-2
What begins as a tight, fearsome battle between Zachary and Thurston quickly becomes a massacre. Washington plays horrible defense the first two innings but a Goslin homer and triple puts them in front 4-3, a lead which lasts until the 6th. Six singles, a double and an Eddie Collins triple produce six scores for the relentless Chicagoans, and the second placers have 17 hits before anyone realizes it. The win puts the White Sox two and a half from the top to help out the rest of the pennant pack, though with Walter Johnson throwing tomorrow, a setback could be imminent.

YANKEES 7-9-1, at INDIANS 4-9-1
Continuing their erratic play, the Yanks fall behind 3-1 in the 1st with ace Pennock on the hill, but fight back against Shaute and finally put the game to sleep on a 2-run Meusel poke in the 8th. Also true to form, Ruth is on base four out of five times with three walks and a double yet manages to score only once.

ATHLETICS 8-12-2, BROWNS 2-6-1
Fred Heimach throws his best start of the season, Dykes drives in two off Wingard and Simmons three, and the Mackmen continue their latest blistering climb in the standings.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, June 15
Washington Senators 4022.645
Chicago White Sox 3623.6102.5
Detroit Tigers 3129.5178
New York Yankees 3029.5088.5
Philadelphia Athletics 2833.45911.5
St. Louis Browns 2534.42413.5
Cleveland Indians 2535.41714
Boston Red Sox 2434.41414



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Bucs finish off 3-game sweep at Baker Bowl with extra-inning thriller...Vinny out of school and unsure what other trouble he can get into...Robins look for a sweep against Cards...

June 15, 1924

Dear Rachel:

It's been almost a month since we bumped into each other at that music club in Chicago, so I was wondering how you were doing and when I can come visit you again.

I finally graduated public school, which is a big load off my mind. I was able to finish with pretty decent grades somehow, even though I did more studying at ball fields than in the class room. I'll explain why this happened at some later point.

Anyway, it sure seems like your Robins are back on the winning track after their tough trip out west, so that must be exciting for you. Has your father gone to more Ebbets games with you or do you just go with Margie? My Phillies as you probably read in the newspaper are a lousy team in their home park, maybe because the dinky fences can't keep the other teams from bombing homers. The Pirates put 30 runs on the board in two games against us and I'm sure glad they finally left town. I think they're up in Boston starting tomorrow, and the Braves are the worst team in years so that should keep their winning vacation going for a while.

Now that I'm out of school I have to start thinking about getting some kind of job, but I really don't have an idea about that yet. Maybe you can help me if I come visit you again.

Benny is doing okay, even though he's still a little blue after his two-day romance with Miss Philadelphia Ruth Malcolmson fizzled like bad seltzer. His head was pretty much in the clouds about her, but I have to say I had a chance to meet her myself for an Athletics game with Benny and even though she was cuter than a peach I thought she was a little snobby.

How are your parents and brother and sister doing? I sort of forgot their names because I didn't see them for too long. I'll be sure to remember them next time, if I ever I come visit you again.

So write me back soon if you can. I miss dancing and looking at the moon with you. There was no Phillies game today because of church reasons and I've been mostly sitting around my house. But I just looked at the schedule and saw that they have a three-game series up at Ebbets Field starting on June 20th. Isn't that interesting?

Good night, Rachel!

Only National League games today:

at GIANTS 2-7-1, REDS 0-10-2
This is the type of game that Cincy usually wins with cheap late hits, but not this time. Mule Watson gives up ten of them but gets out of every jam and Jonnard gets out the final five guys. Irish Meusel's homer off Killer Carl Mays is all New York needs, but Snyder adds a sacrifice fly later anyway to put them just two games out again.

CARDINALS 8-11-1, at ROBINS 2-6-1
Uh-oh, I hope writing this letter to Rachel didn't jinx her team. Dutch Ruether gets creamed for seven runs in the 5th and Leo Dickerman casts a pitching spell on their bats. Now the Cards and Reds cross town, with St. Louis at the Polo Grounds and the Robins having to face nasty Cincy. They'd give anything for some Boston wins against Pittsburgh, but that's kind of like expecting a chipmunk to kill a bear.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Sunday, June 15
Pittsburgh Pirates3520.636
Cincinnati Reds3623.6101
New York Giants3423.5962
Brooklyn Robins3026.5365.5
St. Louis Cardinals3228.5335.5
Chicago Cubs2731.4669.5
Philadelphia Phillies2235.38614
Boston Braves1343.23222.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 14, 1924

Determined not to lose another series to the flawed Gothams, our boys put on a display of swatting acumen today that was frightening and effective in its relentlessness, without once coming close to offering a circuit clout.

For the top three slots on Detroit's dance card—Rigney, Blue and Cobb—reached base their first 13 times to the plate, offsetting an 0-for-4 showing by Heilman. New York's Sad Sam Jones lived up to his name and gave the Tigers 11 hits and 6 runs in less than four truly morose innings of work.

Rip Collins was staked to an 8-0 advantage after five, allowing just weak singles to Ruth and Meusel. Like a summer cloudburst, the Yanks rained five hits and a walk on Rip in the 6th inning before climbing back in their hammocks for the rest of the afternoon. A Pipp triple and Schang sacrifice fly in the 8th was their last hurrah, as O'Rourke tripled in two in the bottom of the frame to tuck the game into bed.

Detroit's win gives them a hard-fought 3-5 mark against the Yanks. The Red Sox, fresh off a surprising four-game nightmare of their own in Cleveland, crawl into town tomorrow, while New York will take Boston's place down at the House of Speaker.

NYY 000 005 010 - 6 9 0
DET 111 320 02x -10 17 0

Other American League games today:

at INDIANS 3-5-0, RED SOX 1-8-1
Alex Ferguson throws his best game of the year, at least for the first six innings. Joe Sewell's single is the Boston twirler's only blemish, but then Harris makes another error with one out in the 7th and it drives him to distraction. A single and two walks follow to tie the game, before the Tribe spanks him with a single, double, walk and game-winning double from Speaker in the 8th. Sherry Smith goes the distance for his fourth win, and Boston drops below Cleveland into last place.

ATHLETICS 4-10-0, at WHITE SOX 0-5-1
It is without question that Chicago has entered an icy period. Against Ed Rommel and his 3-9 record, the Pale Hose can make just five safeties, while ace Red Faber loses his second straight with the help of big hits from Bing Miller and Bill Lamar.

SENATORS 6-15-1, at BROWNS 4-6-2 (10 innings)
All is primed for the Washingtonians to put more distance between themselves and Chicago, but Curly Ogden suffers buzzard's luck early when the Browns score four times in the first three innings, two of them helped by a two-out Bucky Harris error. Urban Shocker still has a 4-0 lead into the 6th, getting in and out of trouble, when a Harry Rice boot helps the Nats to their first run. From there they swarm around the Browns like yellow jackets circling a honey pot. Ogden starts a two-run rally with his own double in the 7th to cut it to 4-3, and then Bluege singles in the equalizer in the 9th off reliever Pruett. One inning later, the fate of the game well determined, Harris walks with one out, Goslin, Rice and Ruel follow with singles, and the Nats' league lead is up to three and a half. Peckinpaugh slogs through an awful day with the stick, personally abandoning 12 of the 16 runners his team leaves on base, but is all smiles after.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Saturday, June 14
Washington Senators 4021.656
Chicago White Sox 3523.6033.5
Detroit Tigers 3029.5089
New York Yankees 2929.5009.5
Philadelphia Athletics 2733.45012.5
St. Louis Browns 2533.43113.5
Cleveland Indians 2534.42414
Boston Red Sox 2433.42114



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Vinny out of school, hooray!... Pirates pile up 30 runs in two days on us...Robins stay hot against Cards and Vinny starting to miss Rachel...

June 14, 1924

I knew something strange was up when I hopped off the streetcar. The bleachers were sold out already and the grandstand ticket line was around the block. Then Benny found me and clued me in. It was Saturday, it was Flag Day, and because the Pirates had murdered us 15-3 and 15-2 the last two games, every fan who had never seen a team score 15 runs before had shown up.

But I wasn't gonna accept that. Heck, summer was officially here, I was a school graduate, and I'd had enough of these dumb Bucs making us look bad. We can certainly do that on our own.

We got pretty good grandstand seats just past first base, and when speedy Max Carey beat out a single to start the game off Johnny Couch, the crowd said oh geez here we go again. But then he took off for second, Butch Henline rifled a throw and Sand tagged Carey on the hat for the first out of the game! Of course Moore tripled and Cuyler was hit by a pitch with two outs, but Earl Smith flied out and it looked like we had a chance.

It looked more that way with two outs in our 1st. Holke singled off Lee Meadows and Cy Williams clubbed one onto the train tracks past the right field fence. Yowsa, we are up 2-0! A Hod Ford error helped the Bucs get one back in the 3rd, but then the Great Kiki really messed up a fly for them in the 4th. Cuyler dropped and then kicked Henline's ball like it was a football, and Butch got all the way to third, where he scored on a Mokan double.

Everyone was nervous the whole game because we knew how dangerous the Buccos are. Benny went through four lemonades and even ate some peanuts without taking off their shells. Wright tripled and scored on a Rabbit sacrifice fly in the 6th, and because we couldn't get anything else going off Meadows, the game stayed 3-2 us going into the 9th.

Couch has been a great plug for our starting rotation leaks, and he was real tough again here, getting Rabbit and pinch-hitter Bigbee out to begin the Pirates 9th. But if there was any cheering going on at Baker Bowl, it was the quiet, teeth clenching type. Sure enough, down to their last strike, that crumb-head Carey banged a double off the fence in right that just missed being a homer. Pie Traynor ripped a single and the game was tied, and it got so quiet in the stands it was like fifteen thousand people just died. Sure it was tied and we had last ups, but who the hell thought we had a chance?

We did get Ford to second with a two-out double, but with our relief team a tired mess and no good hitters on the bench, Couch batted for himself and grounded out. In the 10th Glenn Wright made a 2-base error with two outs, but the chicken faces walked Cy on purpose and Parkinson lined out.

Top of the 11th, reliever Babe Adams singled and Carey walked him to second. Moore singled and Huck Betts came on to face Cuyler. Who walked. And Smith walked. And that, sad reader-people, was that.

PIT 001 001 001 02 - 512 2
PHI 200 100 000 00 - 3 9 1

Other National League games today:

REDS 9-15-4, at GIANTS 6-10-0
Anyone playing Cincy these days needs to get a rabies shot at the doctor first because Edd Roush is just a mad dog right now. Off Bentley he triples in two runs in the 1st inning, triples in another in the 3rd, doubles to start another rally in the 5th, triples in two more in the 6th, then singles for the sheer heck of it in the 8th. The Reds make four errors and Dolf Luque is pretty lousy, but that don't matter. The Giants lose to the Reds for just the second time in seven games.

at ROBINS 6-10-1, CARDINALS 2-11-1
The Cards grabs a quick 1-0 lead, but Brooklyn's on the warpath again, and Brown smashes a 2-run homer to put them up 3-1 before long. Grimes cruises along to his seventh win and Hornsby only gets two hits for a change.

CUBS 9-9-0, at BRAVES 1-5-3
W-Aldridge L-Every Poor Soul at Braves Field

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, June 14
Pittsburgh Pirates3520.636
Cincinnati Reds3622.6210.5
New York Giants3323.5892.5
Brooklyn Robins3025.5455
St. Louis Cardinals3128.5256
Chicago Cubs2731.4669.5
Philadelphia Phillies2235.38614
Boston Braves1343.23222.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 13, 1924

As Earle Combs singled, the Bambino walked and Bob Meusel singled to load the bases in the 1st for the visitors from the Bronx, Navin fans grumbled and squirmed, fully expecting another early onslaught resembling yesterday's 4-run opener. But this bring a famous luckless day, hideous wrinkles were quickly added.

Pipp skied out deep to right for one run. Schang dribbled one to Lu Blue, who kicked it asunder to reload the bases with two outs. Ernie Johnson then lofted a drive to Cobb in straight center, but the rarely-distracted skipper lost the ball in the sun and it clanked off his mitt as two runners jilly-wagged home. It may as well have been a black cat curling through his legs that caused the gaffe, for little went Detroit's way the rest of the afternoon.

Waite Hoyt, for his part, held a 4-0 shutout through five innings after Ruth blasted his 17th homer in the 3rd, a projectile last sighted heading in the general direction of Lake Huron. But the Sultan dropped a fly of his own to launch the Tiger 6th, and hits swiftly followed. Singles by Manush, Blue and Woodall closed the score to 4-2, before three more singles, two walks and an untimely Johnson error tied the score in the 7th.

Syl Johnson had calmed down after the initial New York scores, but Lady Luck then took her turn stomping her heel on the poor hurler's soul. Pipp popped a fly to right which nicked off and over the very edge of the corner fence for a homer. Johnson walked and Scott singled with one out. Pillette relieved Johnson and whiffed Hoyt, but Dugan singled and Combs doubled to make it 6-3. Ruth reached base for the fifth straight time with a pass before Meusel doubled home the entire party and six runs were home.

The Tiger loss dropped them back into fourth place behind the Yanks and continued their exasperating, seemingly endless stay in the .500 neighborhood. After tomorrow's finale, lowly Boston and Cleveland come to town, but the way we've been playing of late, those should be no days at the seashore either.

NYY 301 000 060 - 10 10 2
DET 000 002 200 - 4 10 3

Other American League games today:

at INDIANS 9-18-2, RED SOX 8-14-1 (12 innings)
An astonishing spectacle at League Park. Neither Ehmke nor Rule have anything to offer, but the suddenly resurgent Tribe roars back from a late 7-3 deficit with two runs in the 7th and 8th to tie the game. Denny Williams triples and Danny Clark drives him home with a fly to put Boston ahead in the 12th, but with two outs and a man aboard in the last of the 12th, Joe Harris boots an easy grounder from Joe Sewell. We all know what will happen now. Speaker singles to re-tie the game, Luke Sewell singles, and Cleveland wins its first extra-inning affair of the season after four failed attempts.

ATHLETICS 10-15-2, at WHITE SOX 3-11-2
The most cursed day of the year proves kind to the recently luckless A's, as Baumgartner goes the distance despite being in pickles from start to finish, Lamar drives in four and even the powerless Chick Galloway pops a homer off Blankenship.

SENATORS 10-15-1, at BROWNS 7-18-4
With St. Louis leading 2-1 in the 3rd, Ray Kolp and assorted Brownie butterfingers give Washington seven runs and basically the ball game. Mogridge is off target again, though, and is relieved by Stan Speece in the 8th. The seldom-used Speece hands the Browns four runs in the 9th to make it interesting, as the Nats actually get outhit. Goslin, by the way, enjoys his 13th game-winning blow of the year, meaning he has personally accounted for one-third of his team's wins. Surely a most valuable performance.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Friday, June 13
Washington Senators 3921.650
Chicago White Sox 3522.6142.5
New York Yankees 2928.5098.5
Detroit Tigers 2929.5009
Philadelphia Athletics 2633.44112.5
St. Louis Browns 2532.43912.5
Boston Red Sox 2432.42913
Cleveland Indians 2434.41414



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Bucs eat us for lunch...Vinny and Benny eat a nice dinner on their grandstand winnings...summer's almost here...

June 13, 1924

It was a perfect Friday the 13th if there ever was one. The luckiest thing that happened was that I graduated public school even though I skipped class almost every afternoon since April. Guess that's what happens when your principal is afraid to do you wrong.

Mr. Tuggerheinz had his picture taken with us while Mrs. Crackerbee was off in the school kitchen making a hundred apple tarts for everyone to eat at the reception. We all got flimsy paper diplomas that said we were "bound to continue on to an institution of higher learning" which I suppose makes sense if you can afford that. More likely I'll be getting a job to help out Mama before long.

Anyway, it was hellish-hot, and we had to line up out in the yard next to the flagpole and wait for Tuggerheinz to call every graduating kid up to get his flimsy paper. Naturally I was the only graduator not to wear a tie and with the heat and all it paid off. Mama was there with a big hat on, fanning herself and grinning the whole time and when I shook Tuggerheinz' hand I grinned back at her which got all the girls in the class giggling. They can think what they want, but I'm never ashamed to be a mama's boy.

The part afterwards lasted for hours and about sixteen other moms and dads took turns patting my head and mussing my hair. I wished Benny was there to help me escape but as it turned out, it was the best day I could've decided to skip going to Baker Bowl. We lost to the Bucs 15-3 yesterday, so even though I figured we wouldn't get creamed again that badly, I wasn't exactly in the mood to watch another loss.

Boy, was I ever wrong This was even worse.

PIRATES 300 205 311 - 15 20 2
PHILLIES 101 000 000 - 2 8 1

W-Kremer L-Oescheger

Traynor--4 hits including a homer
Cuyler--5 hits
Moore--4 hits
Maranville--3 hits

Phillies--3 GIDPs

Good night, reader-people!

Other National League games today:

at GIANTS 3-10-0, REDS 2-7-1
The Big Bad Giants make it five out of six against the briefly first place Reds, taking the game in heart failure style again. With Nehf throwing a gem but only up 1-0 due to George Kelly stinking in key situations all through the game again, Roush ties the score with a 7th inning blast. Bubbles Hargave doubles in the go-ahead score in the top of the 9th, and the Polo Grounds get quiet. But Pete Donohue helps them out, giving up a Wilson walk and Meusel single to begin things. Dibut is called in but gets nobody out either, as Snyder ties the game with a single, Lindstrom walks and Nehf wins it himself with a single.

at ROBINS 8-17-3, CARDINALS 7-9-1 (10 innings)
Holy cow, what a game! I hope Rachel was there for it, which reminds me I need to write her again. Anyway, Zack Wheat pounds home runs his first THREE times to the plate and gives Dazzy Vance a 4-2 lead. Then his defense almost throws the game away. Fournier and Neis both make huge errors, Blades and Bottomley homer, and the Cards score five runs in the 5th, four of them not earned. But Jesse Haines tires in the 9th and tie the game with two runs, then win it on an Andy High double in the 10th and tie St. Louis for fourth place. Phew!

CUBS 9-11-2, at BRAVES 7-11-2
I swear, the only runs Boston has scored in the last two games are on bad fielding by the other team. Miller and Hartnett both homer off Jesse Barnes, who ends up losing his seventh straight start after winning his first three.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Friday, June 13
Pittsburgh Pirates3420.630
Cincinnati Reds3522.6140.5
New York Giants3322.6001.5
Brooklyn Robins2925.5375
St. Louis Cardinals3127.5345
Chicago Cubs2631.4569.5
Philadelphia Phillies2234.39313
Boston Braves1342.23621.5




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 12, 1924

When Joe Dugan lined the first Ken Holloway pitch of the game over Navin's left field wall, the few New York fans in attendance breathed a sigh of relief. When two walks and three singles followed, they were nearly stricken with enjoyment, because this New York team has been about as reliable as warm weather in January.

Bullet Joe Bush, who stymied the Bengals in Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago, was certainly on shakier ground his time out, and Cobb's lead triple in the 3rd sparked a two-run rally to slice the score in half, only to be halted when Burke grounded into an inning-ending double play. Schang singled home a fifth Yank run in the 4th, and then another four-tally frame in the 5th drove Holloway to cover. Scott and Dugan singled with one out, Combs advanced them, and Ruth powered a fastball down the line for a double, perhaps his first timely hit in a week. Meusel and Pipp followed with singles and the score was 9-2.

Yet with both Rigney and Pratt injured, and catcher Bassler soon to join them, the Tigers rallied to make things worth watching. Doubles from Blue and O'Rourke, a pinch knock from Wingo and single by Cobb made it 9-4, before Manush and Heilman singled to begin the 7th and send Bush packing. Milt Gaston, New York's only marginally talented reliever, got Bassler to hit a sacrifice fly, but after Blue and Burke reached safely, he squirmed out of the fire unscathed.

Similar shenanigans occurred in the 8th. Pipp kicked a Cobb grounder to begin things and Bob Jones doubled Tyrus to third. Manush walked and with Heilman stalking plateward, the day looked grim for New York. But Harry grounded into a quick twin-killing for only one run, and after Bassler was struck with a ball to finish him for five games, Blue popped out to end the frame.

O'Rourke managed a free pass in the 9th with one out, but Fatty Fothergill lived up to his nickname by bouncing into another double play to finish the contest. One can only hope the next game, on Friday the 13th, will reverse the bad luck Detroit had today and keep them from dropping below the Yanks in the standings.

NYY 400 140 000 - 9 17 2
DET 002 002 110 - 6 12 1

Other American League games today:

at WHITE SOX 7-16-1, ATHLETICS 6-8-1 (11 innings)
The only season event more mystifying than New York's drab showing is the consistently ribald play of Chicago. Up 3-1 here with Robertson throwing beautifully, the Mackmen battle back and take the lead 4-3 in the 8th, only to have Roy Elsh pinch-hit a double off Burns minutes later and tie the game. Sox relievers McWeeny and Lyons are in trouble every moment but are bailed out by three double play balls. A pinch 2-run single by Chapman in the 11th still gives the A's the advantage, but Roy Meeker picks the wrong time to pitch his worst relief of the year. Collins, Mostil and Falk all reach with no one out, one run comes home, and then with two outs and all sacks occupied, one Maurice Archdeacon, a slashing speedster who rarely plays, pinch-hits a crushing double to bring home the winning runs and send Comiskey into a frenzy.

SENATORS 6-17-1, at BROWNS 4-9-1
Loser of two straight decisions, the great Walter Johnson has another horrid go of it but comes out the winning end for the ninth time. Nats hitters pummel Dixie Davis for 15 hits in seven innings but just can't score enough to make the game easy.

at INDIANS 14-22-2, RED SOX 9-17-1
If Boston came to town more often, Cleveland might be in the race. Eight different starters have runs batted in and almost all collect at least two hits off Jack Quinn as Coveleski has enough to survive an equally blistering attack from Red Sox bats.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Thursday, June 12
Washington Senators 3821.644
Chicago White Sox 3521.6251.5
Detroit Tigers 2928.5098
New York Yankees 2828.5008.5
St. Louis Browns 2531.44711.5
Boston Red Sox 2431.43612
Philadelphia Athletics 2533.43112.5
Cleveland Indians 2334.40414



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: School kids take over Baker Bowl bleachers and it's all Vinny's fault...Carl Mays murders the Phils to ruin their day...Giants sweep four from the Bucs...Wheat and Fournier clout homers for resurrected Robins...

June 12, 1924

Getting beat by a shortstop-killer yesterday was bad enough. Today it was Wilbur Cooper's turn, coming back from a long injury, to make the Phillies look stupid. But that's why Benny is my best friend, because when either of us are down in the dumps, it's the other's job to make the sun come back out.

We sat way down deep in the right field grandstand to avoid another flood of kids from my school, though it turned out that Mr. Tuggerheinz put his iron shoe down and kept everyone there because there were so many complaints from parents. Of course I was able to get out my favorite window again because Tuggerheinz wasn't looking on purpose and there was no way I was going to spend six hours playing hopscotch or something.

Instead I watched Jimmy Ring de-prove his record on the year to 1-9. What a worthless rube he's turned out to be. And because our bullpen was used so much lately, Art Fletcher made him stand out there and get machine-gunned for nine whole innings.

I don't care how bad a time the Pirates just had up at the Polo Grounds, they still look like the team to beat to me. They have eight tough hitters, some great pitchers, tight fielding and plus they never seem to ground into double plays, which we do like breathing air. They're also relentless against us, and here's an example. One out in the 1st, Moore and Cuyler single and Earl Smith walks. Ring whiffs Traynor and you think great, we got their number today. Uh-uh, because Glenn Wright whacks a homer off a bleacher plank to start the very next inning. They load the bases again with two outs, Ring whiffs Cuyler and you think great, we're gonna come back and win this thing but uh-uh again. Smith, their brutal catcher who looks and hits you like an oil truck, crushes a double to start the next inning. Wright singles him in and it's 2-0. Then 3-0 on a Cuyler sacrifice fly the next inning. You see what I mean? Relentless.

Ring singled in a run for himself in the 5th, but all that did was get the Buccaneers bloodthirsty. Moore walked and Smith homered to begin their 7th, Traynor, Wright and Rabbit Maranville all singled, and the slaughter was on. A walk, hit batter and two more singles later it was 10-1 and fans were running to the exits.

Most of them, anyway. Benny seems to get more fun to be around at times like this, and sure enough, here he was stuffing dollar bills in my hand and dragging me up to the back row, where his incredibly fat friend Rollo Briggs was busy betting on balls and strikes. Rollo is up there for every game with his back leaning against the same wood post like he was glued to it. Benny told him we wanted to bet on batter results instead of balls and strikes so I took the Bucs and bet on hit after hit because that's the way the win was blowing, and right about then Pittsburgh decided to go to sleep and I began losing money. Ring and Ford got doubles in the 8th and of course neither of us bet on that, either.

Rollo was giggling in the fat way he does when his whole body shakes, and he just kept taking our bills, but then the 9th happened. Carey and Jewel Ens singled for the Bucs with one out. I bet Moore would get a hit, too, Rollo didn't, and Eddie tripled in both runs! I doubled down for four straight hits, Rollo said nuts to that and Cuyler singled!

Benny got in on it now, and we gambled on Earl Smith. The oil truck singled! I was nervous suddenly but Benny was drooling like a mad dog, grabbed all my bills and threw everything down on a sixth straight hit by Pie Traynor. Ring had nothing left but he wasn't going anywhere, reared back and threw and Traynor blasted a single into center! We had ourselves a steak and ice cream dinner! Rollo almost exploded all over the grandstand, wanted to keep betting but we were already running down the aisle as Wright grounded out.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, praise God. No more sneaking for three whole months, and no more glares from Mrs. Crackerbee. What the heck will I do with my mornings?

Good night, reader-people!

PIT 011 100 705 - 15 19 1
PHL 000 010 011 - 3 6 0

Other National League games today:

REDS 6-12-0, at GIANTS 1-10-1
Another team comes down with Eppa Rixey for a change as the Cincy ace gives the Giants ten hits and but squirms out of every pickle thanks to four double play grounders. If New York had won this game there would have been a three-way tie at the top going into our game with the Pirates.

at ROBINS 8-18-1, CARDINALS 7-10-0
This one was not really as close as the score tells you because Bill Doak and the Robins had an 8-2 lead going to the 9th when the Cards went nuts with five runs, the final two unearned thanks to a goofy Johnny Mitchell error. In case anybody was wondering, Hornsby had three more hits and is holding steady with his average at . 449.

CUBS 6-9-3, at BRAVES 3-6-2
Today's slopfest at Braves Field is won by Pete Alexander. Boston ties up the game 3-3 in the 7th on three straight single-and-error plays by the Cubs, but Grantham triples in the winning runs the very next inning to make both Braves fans in the stands unhappy.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Thursday, June 12
Cincinnati Reds3521.625
Pittsburgh Pirates3320.6230.5
New York Giants3222.5932
St. Louis Cardinals3126.5444.5
Brooklyn Robins2825.5285.5
Chicago Cubs2531.44610
Philadelphia Phillies2233.40012.5
Boston Braves1341.24121




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 11, 1924

Today's "battle" at Navin Field begged the question: When two underachieving clubs square off, must one of them win?

With their often feisty, occasionally ferocious but usually moribund lineup, the Tigers are a perfect match for Babe Ruth and his over-ballyhooed boys from Broadway, a team with just a single Worlds' Championship to speak of but, if one were to read nothing but the base ball press, an outfit with a divine right to a king's crown year in and year out.

Each team's glaring flaws were on display for all to dissect this afternoon as Yankee ace Herb Pennock went up against Detroit's regal second man, Earl Whitehill. The Tigers were eager to avenge their visit to the Bronx last month when they dropped three of the four contests, and seemed to be on schedule for such when O'Rourke and Whitehill both singled to begin the lower 3rd. Haney then rifled a single to plate a run but was caught slumbering as he rounded the bag and tagged out by an alert Pipp. Cobb singled for the second run, Heilman and Woodall followed with singles but Pratt grounded out to end the small uprising. Leave it to the Tigers to collect six singles in one inning and only two runs.

The Bambino was in the leadoff spot once more, because against lefties he tends to merely walk. After he popped out weakly to begin the game, the Navin rowdies drenched him with non-stop barking for the first half hour of the game, but Ruth muzzled them when he opened the Yankee 4th with a deep drive that banged off the top of the right field fence for a double. As one could predict, Combs and Meusel fanned and popped out respectively, but Pipp sliced a double into left to score the Rotund One and cut the score to 2-1.

We moved to the top of the 7th, both hurlers calming down. Jumping Joe Dugan singled with one out, and with two retired, Aaron Ward tripled to tie the game. Schang singled Ward home and New York had a 3-2 lead. Pennock then singled and Ruth drew his second walk, but Combs skied out with the bases filled—a fatal mistake. Cobb singled and robbed second right away, Heilman singled him home and the game was knotted again.

Pratt went out with a foot ailment, and with Burke already filling in for the injured Rigney, Detroit's infield was porous at the wrong time. Burke booted a Meusel grounder to begin the Yankee 8th but Pipp, Dugan and Scott could do nothing with the opportunity. Walks to Ward and Ruth (his third) in the 9th gave Combs a chance to leave two more aboard, and he did not disappoint.

Then Burke flubbed another roller to start the 10th. Pipp singled, as did Dugan. The sacks were filled with nary an out and Whitehill was spent. If Cobb knows any team, though, it is the Yankees, and he surely knew how putrid they tend to perform against lefties. A tired Whitehill is a better bet than a snappy Bert Cole any day, so Earl was allowed to face the bottom of the Gotham lineup. Sure enough, Scott and Ward both grounded into killing home plate force-outs, Schang rolled to Burke, and the inning was over.

Lu Blue, who took over first base for Pratt, singled off Pennock to begin the Tiger 10th, It was our 14th hit off the beleaguered craftsman, all singles. Burke and O'Rourke both made out, but Whitehill, with Cobb showing devout faith in him, sizzled a hit between Ruth and Combs that bounced all the way to the fence! Here came Lu Blue circling third base, spikes churning up sod, as he slid across the glorious dish for the winner!!

So I suppose I stand corrected. Two flawed outfits can still stage a thrilling performance if they are evenly mediocre, one of the marvelous things about our beloved sport.

NYY 000 100 200 0 - 3 9 0
DET 002 000 100 1 - 4 15 2

Other American League games today:

at BROWNS 8-16-2, SENATORS 6-11-1
The good news for Washington is that Joe Judge returned to their lineup without hurting himself again. The rotten news is that with a 6-2 lead as late as the 6th, Firpo Marberry pitched like a vaudeville clown, giving St. Louis four tieing runs on four singles, a walk and wild pitch. He served up his sixth double of the game to begin the Brownie 8th before Bucky Harris' long cane went around his neck and yanked him off the mound. With Russell unavailable, in came Martina, and George Sisler crushed his first pitch over the fence for the shocking winning scores.

at WHITE SOX 11-13-2, ATHLETICS 5-12-2
Thankful that the annoying Red Sox are out of town, Chicago reverts to blistering form and plates seven runs in the 2nd inning off Sam Gray. Chicago's Fearsome Five are on base 14 of their 25 times to the plate, and Sloppy Thurston relishes the support for his seventh win.

at INDIANS 4-13-1, RED SOX 3-8-0
Sorry to be leaving Comiskey Park, the Bostons and Oscar Fuhr take a 3-1 lead to the 6th and get ambushed by the Tribe for three quick runs, the deciders coming in on a two-out single by Rube Lutzke. It finishes a clean four-game sweep today for the western clubs.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 11
Washington Senators 3721.638
Chicago White Sox 3421.6181.5
Detroit Tigers 2927.5187
New York Yankees 2728.4918.5
St. Louis Browns 2530.45510.5
Boston Red Sox 2430.44411
Philadelphia Athletics 2532.43911.5
Cleveland Indians 2234.39314



RECENTLY, IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE: Vinny draws a crowd of young hooligans to the game with him...The Phillies actually win said game...Bucs flop at Polo Grounds again, creating boffo pennant chase...

June 11, 1924

Well, what I was afraid would happen went and happened today. Word got around school pretty quick that sneaking out of the lunch room to go to Baker Bowl was not only a possible thing to do on the last week of classes but a sensible one. I thought I was doing it on my own this time but by the time I got off the streetcar there were already a dozen kids I knew who had gotten there ahead of me, and by the time Hal Carlson threw the first pitch we'd taken over the left field bleachers.

All the punks from yesterday came back with a lot of their friends, and except for Billie Jean Smucker, most of the girls from Mrs. Crackerbee's room had even showed up. I figured Mrs. Crackerbee was probably having a good fainting spell over this, and I hoped Mr. Tuggerheinz was there to whisper in her ear that sneaking out to a ball game was a healthy and natural kid thing to do. After all, he had a motivation.

Lucky for us, the bleachers had a good villain to get riled up about. Carl Mays was throwing for Cincy, the same guy who killed Indian shortstop Chapman with a pitched ball four years ago. There were lots of people who wanted him kicked out of baseball for that, though not me. It was just an accident after all, and at the time umpires didn't even care how dirty the dumb ball got during a game. Mays was just doing his job throwing the thing sidearm and Chapman didn't see it in time.

But being part of a mob can be fun sometimes, so my Mays opinion didn't keep me from getting in on our razzing action, with good old Benny tossing out the first insult: "Hey Carl! Gimme a shave but watch the head!" Our kid-crowd was a little nastier. "Hey Mays! Your firing squad is outside Gate B!" was one of the nastier ones, along with "Murdering Mays! Murdering Mays!" and my favorite from one of the girls: "Oh Carl, PLEASE write me from death row!" The fact that the pitcher's mound was so far away that Mays probably didn't hear a word didn't seem to bother us, and when Mokan hit a sacrifice fly off him in the 2nd for the first run of the game, the ribbing got even louder.

If Mays didn't hear anything, his teammates sure did, because they started going nuts with the bats in the top of the 3rd. Lee walked with one out, Mays himself doubled, and then Walker, Boob and Rube all singled, Critz doubled and we were behind 4-1 just like that. Three singles, a Ford error and Rube triple the next inning made it 8-1 and shut us up for good. Carlson was so bad he made Whitey Glazner look like Ed Walsh in relief. In almost four innings the Reds couldn't get one hit off him, which makes me think Fletcher has found himself a new middle-of-game rescue man.

We got two runs back in the 7th on two singles and two walks with nobody out, but then Ford kept his horrible game going with his second double play grounder which finished off our rally. Mays walked off the with the complete win, a 7-2 record and a fantastic earned run average of 1.77 for the year. On top of that, Cincy is back in first place thanks to us!

The whole mob of us tried to squeeze into a nearby soda shop after and buy root beer floats, but the owner kicked us out for excessive hooligating. Tomorrow when the battling Bucs come to town I think I might just call in sick and sit on the other side of the park. Good night, reader-people!

Other National League games today:

at GIANTS 10-12-1, PIRATES 8-13-1
All kinds of amazing stuff happened in this one, starting with the fact that New York completed a four-game sweep of anyone, let alone the Bucs. Morrison and his 6-1 record seemed safe with a 4-1 lead after five innings, but the McGrawsters went to town on him from there, scoring nine runs in the enxt four innings. Frisch, O'Connell and Youngs all got big doubles, Irish Meusel put the Giants ahead for good with a 2-run homer off the foul pole in the 8th, and even Kelly chipped in with a scoring triple in the 8th. Can you believe New York is suddenly a half game behind Pittsburgh in the standings? I sure can't, but that's what happens when one team is 6-3 in June and the other 3-7.

ROBINS 12-16-1, at CUBS 7-12-1
Even Brooklyn has their big guns back to join the pennant party. Down 6-1 after five to Vic Keen, the Robins score eleven runs in the next two innings. Fournier is on base all five times and notches his 16h homer, and Zack Wheat bombs a grand slam in the 7th.

CARDINALS 8-12-4, BRAVES 4-5-1
Boston gets incredible luck to score all their runs, St. Louis makes four errors with their worst starter (Rhem) on the mound and the Cards still win by four,

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 11
Cincinnati Reds3421.618
Pittsburgh Pirates3220.6150.5
New York Giants3221.6041
St. Louis Cardinals3125.5543.5
Brooklyn Robins2725.5195.5
Chicago Cubs2431.43610
Philadelphia Phillies2232.40711.5
Boston Braves1340.24520




By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 10, 1924

On the eve of the Yankees' first foray into Navin Field, the Athletics had a great chance to keep Detroit off-balance, but the inconsistent Mackmen were never to taste from a victory mug.

Starter Eddie Rommel, who has regained the flawed form he possessed early in the season, was punched repeatedly in the first two frames for seven hits, two walks and five Tiger runs. A foolish botch at third by Pratt led to a two-run A's rally in the 3rd, and the score stalled at 5-2 until the top of the 8th, when Miller and Hale singled off Collins and Chick Galloway shot a triple to score both of them and finish the Ripper for the afternoon.

Herm Pillette rode in to vanquish pinch-batter Welch and keep the game at 5-4. Roy Meeker then did Rommel no favors, plunking Burke to begin the Tiger 8th, before Pillette, Cobb and Manush singled for a valuable crumb of insurance.

In the top of the 9th, though, Dykes got his fourth single of the contest with one out, and Bert Cole came on to face lefty Lamar. Bill grounded into a harmless force, but then Hauser walked, and with the lefty-mashing Miller due at the plate, Hooks Dauss (pictured) entered the action. Now Dauss tends to either save games like a singing angel or dynamite them into oblivion like a bearded anarchist, and all 23,000 Navin nabobs could be seen praying beneath their straw boaters. Dauss wound, threw...and Bing dribbled the ball to Bob Jones at third, who stepped on the bag for Detroit's deliverance.

Rumors are afoot that fans are already congregating outside the Statler Hotel to catch a glimpse or signature of the Bambino when the Yankees arrive for their four-game set tomorrow. I would meet him for another game of billiards, but am afraid my stick-work needs polishing.

PHA 002 000 020 - 4 11 0
DET 320 000 01x - 6 15 2

Other American League games today:

RED SOX 8-13-3, at WHITE SOX 2-6-0
The miracle sweep by Boston is complete, as Curt Fullerton stymies the ivory hosiery after enduring a Collins triple and Mostil homer to begin their 1st inning. The Red Sox group doubles from Clark and Harris for a run off Connally in the 5th, then lambaste him in the 6th for six straight hits to begin the inning and win going away. New Englanders surely hope this will ignite their team for the weeks ahead, as they've already climbed over Philadelphia into fifth place.

SENATORS 6-13-2, at INDIANS 5-6-2
Zachary outpitches Smith in a back-and-forth affair, won on triples from McNeely and Leibold in the 7th and 9th innings. The first-place Nats head out to St. Louis now to face a Brownie team lacking McManus, but nothing is ever assured against that venomous bunch.

at BROWNS 4-11-1, YANKEES 2-11-0
As they prove again by shutting down the Yanks for the second straight day, knocking them into fourth place. Urban Shocker slams the door this time, Herschel Bennett knocks in three of the four Brown runs with a triple and single off Shawkey, and Bob Meusel wears the Yankee dunce cap. Just when it appeared he had found his swatting stroke, Meusel fans his last three trips to the dish, stranding five runners in the process.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Tuesday, June 10
Washington Senators 3720.649
Chicago White Sox 3321.6112.5
Detroit Tigers 2827.5098
New York Yankees 2727.5008.5
Boston Red Sox 2429.45311
Philadelphia Athletics 2531.44611.5
St. Louis Browns 2430.44411.5
Cleveland Indians 2134.38215