By Burgess Bannister Butterworth, PhD

June 22, 1924

My son Calvin has been working quite hard of late, and while I am slow to commend his choice of a profession when there are far more important arenas he could be toiling in than a ball yard's writing roost, I must say I was honored to receive his Father's Day invitation to report today's Cleveland vs. Detroit game at Navin Field. I am anything but informed when it comes to our alleged national pastime, being a Professor of the Physical Sciences at the University of Michigan, yet it is my firm hope that you will enjoy my attempt at sports documentation.

With thousands, or perhaps hundreds of fathers in attendance, Mr. Frank Brower struck a triple against Mr. Rip Collins almost immediately but never left the comfort of the square cloth sack he stood upon. Sherry Smith, the Cleveland thrower of balls with the ladylike name, then had the misfortune of surrendering consecutive hits to the following: Mr. Rigney (a single), Mr Cobb (a single), Mr. Heilman (a single), Mr, Manush (a double), Mr, Woodall (a double), Mr. Pratt (a single), and Mr. O'Rourke (a single). This resulted in five Detroit runs, the total confirmed by the giant wooden number slotted into the board five feet beyond the right-centerfield fence.

From this juncture the offensive force of the assembled home team lessened considerably, as a Mr. Cobb single and Mr. Manush double in the 7th frame of reference provided the only other scoring digit of the event. *

*It was at this point that I was forced to attend to private bodily matters, having earlier consumed a warm sample of possible pork meat that my son delivered to me in a bread cylinder soaked in questionable mustard.

The affixed outcome of the contest kept the denizens from raising any audible excitement, and Mr. Collins carried his run-less performance into the final frame, only to have his acumen suddenly evaporate. A ball batted by Mr. McNulty became a single and error off the hurler's leather sphere-catcher. Mr. Burns pinch-hit a double, before an aborted athletic play by Mr. Rigney and two four-ball base tickets compressed the score to 6-2 and created the need for Mr. Cole to complete the effort.

He did by projecting one solitary pitch, which Mr. Myatt bounced harmlessly across the soiled inner field to Mr. O'Rourke for a play that produced two outs rather than the accustomed one, and the Tigers had finished the sample series with three marks of victory alongside their one defeat.

The team journeyed thereafter to their St. Louis train, while my son drove me back to my home in Woodbridge to enjoy my wife's robust Father's Day dinner of wild quail. Thank you, Calvin, for this fine, if laborious gift, and may you derive some comfort from penning words while visiting Missouri.

CLE 000 000 002 - 2 8 0
DET 500 000 10x - 6 11 4

Other American League games today (by C.J. Butterworth):

at BROWNS 7-9-1, WHITE SOX 6-14-1
You may not believe this, but Mr. Sis—George Sisler—does it again. Down 3-1 to Robertson this time in the 7th, three walks and a single make the score 3-2, before Glorious George triples in three to put the Browns up for good. Chicago comes back as usual with three runs the last two innings but Pruett retires Grabowski and Barrett with the tieing run on third to end the game.

at SENATORS 5-7-0, ATHLETICS 1-7-2
Washington opens up their first four-game advantage of the season, as Mogridge is brilliant once more and the impeccable Goose Goslin triples in what prove to be the winning runs in the 3rd inning. The Goose is now responsible for 16 of the club's 44 wins, an amazing 36% of them.

at YANKEES 6-12-2, RED SOX 3-8-2
Miller Huggins parks Ruth in the third spot in the lineup, vowing to keep him there so he can just relax and hit. The plan doesn't produce a homer from his bat, but two of his singles drive in two runs. The real fool-turned-hero is Joe Dugan who makes two hideous plays to put Boston and Ehmke ahead 3-2 in the 6th, then belts a key two-bagger in the Yanks' four-run winning rally in the 7th. Hoyt notches his sixth win as New York is back over .500 for an evening.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, June 22
Washington Senators 4424.647
Chicago White Sox 3927.5914
Detroit Tigers 3730.5526.5
New York Yankees 3332.5089.5
Philadelphia Athletics 3037.44813.5
St. Louis Browns 2937.43914
Cleveland Indians 2839.41815.5
Boston Red Sox 2539.39117

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