By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

June 28, 1924

CLEVELAND—I am out of words. My "clack-clack," as Lord and Manager Tyrus coined it yesterday, is hereby striking for better pay and inspiration, for my Tigers have summarily disgraced themselves for a second consecutive afternoon on the League Park green, this time creating practically nothing with their limp sticks against the likes of Joseph Shaute, an apple-cheeked 24-year-old Pennsylvanian with ten wins to his credit before this campaign.

With the surprising Senators and startling White Sox turning in fiendishly effective performances day in and day out, one would think our third-place boys, particularly when hemled by a supposed "fiery" personality such as Lord and Manager Tyrus, would use a visit to a last-place city to flex their line drive might and chalk up some easy victories. One would be horribly mistaken.

Del Pratt actually managed to poke in the first run of the game with a single in the Detroit 2nd to give us our all-too-brief lead, as Fred Haney donned his butcher's apron soon after. With an Indian on first base and two outs, Rube Lutzke rolled a grounder out to third. Haney tried to nab it with his bare paw and whipped it two feet over Pratt's glove at first, putting men at second and third. Eager to redeem his sorry self, Haney then fielded a Shaute grounder and threw it so hard Pratt was forced to duck, as the ball rolled down the first base stripe for a sickening 2-1 Tribe advantage.

It gets more hideous. While the Tigers flailed pathetically at Shaute's nimble offerings the next four innings, Cleveland's Yoter began their 6th with a base knock off the luckless Ed Wells. Luke Sewell drew a free ticket, and Lutzke hustle-ran a bunt single to fill the sacks. Shaute then singled for one run, and after a force play caused the first out, George Burns walked, and we were in the rears 4-1.

Fatty Fothergill pinch-batted a single to begin the 8th, but after Cobb finally accomplished something with a single, Rigney bounced daintily into a double-play, and

Wait. There is a disturbance behind me in the press row. Someone is pushing his way into


By Ty Cobb
Detroit Tigers Star and Manager

Hey folks, good old Cal said I should try doing HIS job for a change and see if I liked it, so here I am whether he was ready for me or not. Butterface sort of told you what happened already in this one, so I won't waste anybody's time repeating him, but let me just add that the two runs the Scalp-takers got in the last of the 8th were just as lucky as the other four they got before. Sure, I put Lil' Stoner in the game because I was fed up being behind again, but his glove was right close to catching all three of those singles that whizzed by his face, and I'm sure none of you people have any idea how dangerous it is standing out there on that mound with horsehide-smashers like Speaker and Ruth and Collins digging in against you four or five times a game. Why do you think I picked center field?

Yeah, big damn deal so we lost again today. We'll be back out there tomorrow right as rain, and those smelly White Stockings better watch out too because we'll be back in our neighborhood to beat the pants off them next. And sorry old Cal, but we don't need no boring fence poppers to do it, neither.

That's all for now! Oh quit cryin' and get the hell up Butterworth, you sissy-assed—

DET 010 000 010 - 2 8 2
CLE 020 002 02x - 6 12 0

Other American League games today:

at SENATORS 7-11-3, ATHLETICS 4-13-3
The sun comes up and Washington beats Philadelphia again. This time the A's score four times in the 1st with the help of a huge Prothro error, and the Nats chip away the whole rest of the game, aided by three equally heinous Athletics errors to beat Rommel. Tom Zachary improves to 10-3, squirreling out of trouble as he blanks the enemy from the 2nd to the 9th.

at WHITE SOX 6-8-3, BROWNS 5-13-3
Chicago pays back the Browns for some of their recent late-inning tomfoolery against them, plating three runs in the 6th to tie the game off Dixie Davis with the help of dreadful gaffes by Robertson at third and Tobin in right. In the last of the 9th, the Sox do what they do constantly: get key hits at key moments. Collins walks, Mostil bunts him to second, Falk grounds him to third and Hooper doubles him homeward.

YANKEES 7-10-1, at RED SOX 6-10-4
Do my eyes deceive me? Did the New Yorkers actually win two baseball games in succession? They almost failed to. Trailing 6-2 in the 8th to Curt Fullerton, they score five times with the assistance of two straight egregious flubs by Chappie Geygan, on a day filled with such brain vacuums, before Beall and Gaston save Pennock's hide with two innings of shutout relief work. Shano Collins, for what it is worth, collects two triples, a double and two singles in the losing effort.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Saturday, June 28
Washington Senators 4825.658
Chicago White Sox 4328.6064
Detroit Tigers 3934.5349
New York Yankees 3635.50711
St. Louis Browns 3240.44415.5
Boston Red Sox 3041.42317
Cleveland Indians 3042.41717.5
Philadelphia Athletics 3043.41118

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