July 10, 1924

Dear Rachel:

Sorry it's taken so long to write, but we've had a busy time of it out here in Ohio beating up the Reds. Actually they got us in the first game because of that dang Eppa Rixey, but we skunked them yesterday and today was even more fun.

Bill Hubbell threw for us, and he must be the worst pitcher in the league with the best record. He has this Houdini way of getting out of predicaments, and the 2nd inning was a good example. Roush led with a double, and Jake Daubert tripled him in with one out. Wingo then hit a ball to Holke at first, who whipped it home to snuff Daubert. Critz then singled, but Dolf Luque, their pretty good hitting pitcher, whiffed. The Reds have been in a hitting slump lately, because normally they would have scored two or three runs there, but that's also Bill Hubbell for you.

George Harper, who seems to like me a lot and invited me to be in this little club of players who get together after games and do things like go out to eat, whacked a deep homer in our 5th inning, and believe me, whacking is what you have to do to the thing to get one out of this place. Harper then led off our 8th with a single, Cy Williams doubled, and Wrightstone got one in with a deep fly and the 2-1 lead was all Hubbell needed to put Cincy to bed. They got five singles off him in the last four innings but couldn't do a thing with them.

What really had to hurt for the Reds fans was the Bucs amazingly losing to Boston again (see below) and missing a chance to get closer to them.

After the game tonight, Harper's little player-club took me down to a downtown area called Fountain Square, where all the best restaurants and dancing clubs and theaters and cigar stores are. Wrightstone mentioned a secret speakeasy he knew about where they serve German beer in these big icy glasses and there are even half-dressed women walking around trying to make friends with the men, but we made sure to stay far away from that place.

From being here before with Benny and now this time, I'm really starting to like Cincinnati. They call it the Queen City, but from what my best friend on the team Heinie Sand says, that's kind of dumb because there's about twenty other "queen cities" in America, even Burlington, Vermont and Dickinson, North Dakota. I think these towns need to announce which queen gave them permission to do this.

Anyway, I wish I didn't have to leave New York so fast. I promise when I get back to the East I'll meet with your father about our marriage idea and it won't be on a Saturday. Maybe I should just save time and send him a telegram. What do you think?

Good night, Rachel-love!

PHI 000 010 010 - 2 9 0
CIN 010 000 000 - 1 8 1

Other National League games today:

BRAVES 7-15-1, at PIRATES 3-11-1
So the Bucs go 9-0 against Boston to start the season, then lose two straight? Maybe there's going to be a pennant race after all. Jesse Barnes survives this one on the hill for the Braves, as the Bucs leave 13 runners on the bases against him. Johnny Morrison pitches real bad for a change and falls behind 6-0 before the Pirates finally wake up their bats too late.

at CUBS 7-11-0, ROBINS 5-12-2 (11 innings)
Poor Brooklyn. Just like the Reds they lose another huge chance to gain ground, even though they come back from 3-0 against the great Pete Alexander, take a 5-3 lead with a big 6th inning, then watch the Cubs tie the game when Alexander homers off Osborne and Grimes knocks one in with a force out. Ehrhardt pitches four great relief innings for the Robins, but his team completely stops hitting and Chicago walks off the field with a win in the 11th after a George Grantham 2-run blast.

GIANTS 2-6-0, at CARDINALS 0-10-1
A game New York has no business winning, which makes me think they're finally coming around. Sherdel completely outpitches Mule Watson, but leave runners hanging everywhere but on trees. The Mule starts the scoring with a long homer in the 6th, Frisch singles in another, and the second Watson gives up another hit, Jonnard comes on to punish the Cards the rest of the way.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Thursday, July 10
Pittsburgh Pirates5227.658
Cincinnati Reds4934.5905
Brooklyn Robins4835.5786
New York Giants4634.5756.5
St. Louis Cardinals3942.48114
Chicago Cubs3744.45716
Philadelphia Phillies3350.39821
Boston Braves2260.26831.5

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