August 14, 1924

By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

PHILADELPHIA—Back in my press row seat here at Shibe Park, munching hot peanuts and enjoying the attention of my fourth estate cohorts for my recent profound missive to the base ball powers that be, the explosive thrills of a Thursday matinee nearly escaped me.

The Earl of Whitehill has been anything but regal of late, but his partners boost him to a 3-1 lead in the 3rd inning when Cobb and Bassler single off Rommel and Heilman bashes home run number 9 over the left fence. (Harry's runs batted in total is also up to 110 as he closes in on Goslin for that crown.)

A Pratt double in the 4th makes it 4-1 for us, but Mack's Marauders have an axe to grind after being swept on their home turf yesterday. After Wingo replaced an ailing Manush in left field in the very first frame, the replacement kicked around a Galloway single in the 3rd that led to nothing. His next opportunity is a different tale. Simmons singles and Welch doubles with two out, and when Sammy Hale plugs the gap, Wingo lets the ball squirt under his mitt and both runs score. Rommel's single knots the game and we're in a battle, boys!

Rommel has been as bad as Whitehill, though, and gives the Detroiters three singles for a go-ahead tally in the 6th, before a Bassler triple plates Cobb in the 7th and a Wingo single puts the Tigers up 7-4.

Sorry, everyone. Not good enough. Three singles and a Dykes double give the Athletics two right back, and the tieing run only fails to score because Cobb cuts down Dykes at the plate with a great throw.

Meeker strands two more of 16 total Tigers in the 9th, and then the fun begins for the home crowd, and misery for any Michiganders in the vicinity. Whitehill is finally yanked after a lead walk to Bishop, but Dauss is greeted with a scorching triple by Bing Miller to tie the game. With the infield forced in, Dykes lines to Jones at third to keep the game going, but Joe Hauser walks to the dish with other ideas. Lefty Cole comes on to face him, and the first pitch is last seen heading toward William Penn's statue atop City Hall.

While the Athletics pound Hauser's back as he crosses home and the Tigers trudge off to their dugout and heavy silences, I feel strangely elated. Aside from the masterful Rip Collins, the Detroit hurlers have been failing us all season, and knowing that, it is impossible to be shocked or even disappointed. I have just watched nearly two hours of excitement, and unlike the reporter lemmings spilling down the stairs to the club houses to collect their unimportant comments, I am perfectly content up here in my padded seat, replaying my memories.

DET 003 101 200 - 7 17 2
PHL 010 300 203 - 9 16 1

Other American League games today:

at SENATORS 10-14-1, INDIANS 7-8-2
Another wild drama was played out down the road in the Nation's Capitol, the scene of three straight base ball jewels. Walter Johnson is throwing nothing but aces, and with a 6-0 lead has a no-hit, no-run game going into the 6th when he completely falls apart. Fewster leads with a double, pitcher Shaute walks, Joe Sewell singles and Myatt clubs a 3-run skyrocket and it's 6-4 in an instant. In the 7th the Big Train derails. Shaute singles, Sewell doubles and Brower does what Myatt did and it's 7-6 Cleveland! The amazing Goslin triples in Judge minutes later to tie the score, and after Johnson squirms out of a two-out pickle in the 9th, the Nats get two aboard with two outs for Ossie Bluege. Ossie drives one straight out to McNulty in left-center, who's been replacing Speaker this week. Pat leaps but the ball nicks the top of his glove and falls over the barrier for a winning homer!

at RED SOX 3-8-2, WHITE SOX 2-7-2
Even Sloppy Thurston can't save the White Sox these days. Given a 2-0 lead in the 1st, Boston chips away with single runs in the 3rd, 6th and 8th to edge Chicago on a Danny Clark single.

BROWNS 12-20-1, at YANKEES 3-8-3
Now 10-3 in the month of August, St. Louis pulverizes the hapless, helpless Yanks with 20 hits off Hoyt, Gaston, Beall and Markle. Hoyt himself has surrendered 257 safeties in 185 innings, not a winning formula in any pitching manual. The game is actually 3-3 as late as the 8th, when the Brownies erupt for seven runs on a Pat Collins homer and gargantuan bushel of nonsense.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Thursday, August 14
Washington Senators 7343.629
Detroit Tigers 6354.53810.5
Chicago White Sox 5955.51813
St. Louis Browns 5759.49116
New York Yankees 5658.49116
Boston Red Sox 5262.45620
Philadelphia Athletics 5165.44022
Cleveland Indians 5166.43622.5

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