August 15, 1924

By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

PHILADELPHIA—It has been eleven years since Connie Mack's last World's Series appearance, but with great young players like Al Simmons and Maxie Bishop at his disposal, and judging by the way his club rallied yesterday, the American circuit may have their basket of pennant contenders stuffed to the brim before long.

"We can certainly swat with anyone," he confesses to me before today's contest, "Our pitching is where the aches and pains are." Most teams can supply the same confession, but the numbers on Mack's staff bear this out. Aside from Baumgartner's 12-9 record and acceptable 4.23 earned run average, Burns, Gray and Heimach have been spotty at best, and Ed Rommel's 8-17 mark is straight from the gutter.

Today, even Baumgartner is on the fritz, and skipper Cobb is to blame. He beats out a grounder to short to begin the 2nd which Galloway then heaves astray for an error. O'Rourke singles in our first run, and then the dike splits open in the 3rd. Rigney and Haney open with singles, and Heilman draws a pass. Cobb blisters a ball into right for two runs, robs second base, Pratt and O'Rourke single and after an actual out, pitcher Holloway singles and it is 6-0!

In the 4th, the boos rain from the sky. Rigney singles, gets wild pitched to second, and Cobb drives him home with yet another single. Ty steals second again, and Pratt doubles him home. The excitement seems to swell Ty's head, though, for he drops an easy fly in the last of the 4th to lead to three Athletic runs. Bassler bails him out, though, with a lead triple in the 5th, scoring soon after on a passed ball by Hale.

Holloway tires in the 8th and the Macksters make a small game of it with three runs off he and Dauss in the last two frames, but Detroit has this one well in hand and pick up a half game on the idle Senators. With our final two games in Washington on tomorrow's horizon, we obviously must continue our fairly good play of late to have any chance of making the league race engaging.

As I sit here in the press row compiling my notes afterward, though, another issue looms. Word comes across the telegraph machine that the Black Phillies have decimated the Cubs 15-1 out in Chicago. "Hope you're happy, Butterworth!" yells one writing wag I can't see from my chair, and it suddenly dawns on me that I may have opened Pandora's fiendish box.

DET 015 210 001 - 10 18 2
PHL 000 300 021 - 6 14 1

Only other American League game today:

at RED SOX 6-13-1, WHITE SOX 4-15-2
Boston's second 4-game flattening of Chicago is complete,as the scarlet Sox break a tight 3-3 battle with three singles, an error by Barrett and pinch triple from Howie Shanks in the 8th to give Ted Lyons yet another notch in his loss column. Ever drip of luck that was drenching Chicago for much of the season has suddenly dried up, and clubs are looking forward to facing them. Boston, meantime, is suddenly a scant three and a half games to the rear of the Yankees.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Friday, August 15
Washington Senators 7343.629
Detroit Tigers 6454.53810
Chicago White Sox 5956.51313.5
St. Louis Browns 5759.49116
New York Yankees 5658.49116
Boston Red Sox 5362.45619.5
Philadelphia Athletics 5166.43622.5
Cleveland Indians 5166.43622.5

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