April 17, 1924

Poor Benny! While he was home putting wet cloths on his little sister's forehead, I was in the Baker bleachers munching warm salted peanuts and watching our Phillies smack the crummy Braves around for the second straight day. Hal Carlson made his first start after coming over from Pittsburgh and he was pretty darn good, giving up only eight hits and a run. Meanwhile the Phils tore up Larry Benton for six runs in the 1st inning with Cy tripling for two runs and Sperber tripping over himself in right field on a ball that Sand hit. It was awful ugly.

The game got boring after that so I sat with Gambling Gus after the 5th. Gus always sits in the same spot, which is right over the heat from a sausage man underneath the bleachers, and he bets on everything you can possibly bet on with anyone who will bet with him. Not just if the next pitch will be a ball or strike, but who will get the next double or walk, how many balls Casey Stengel will catch, even how many seconds the wooden bleachers will rumble for when the train goes under the outfield in right. I only had some nickles left so I bet just once whether someone one would hit a homer, and guess what? Hod Ford poked one out in the 8th against his ex-team and I made a quarter on it! Good old goofy Gus.

BOSTON 000 100 000 — 1 8 1
PHILA. 600 020 02x — 10 11 0

The other NL games:

ROBINS 9-14-0, at GIANTS 1-4-0
We're tied for first with McGraw's monsters. Brooklyn creamed them silly with homers from Brown and pitcher Bill Doak, who only gave up 4 cheap Giant hits.

PIRATES 4-9-0, at REDS 1-12-1
Talk about lousy offense work. Wilbur Cooper is in trouble all day and squeezes out of it. The Bucs whack two doubles and two triples. They look pretty tough.

CUBS 8-13-1, at CARDINALS 7-14-2
A real western shootout today. The Cubs go up 4-0 but the Cards tie it. Cubs go up 6-4 but the Cards tie it. Cubs go up 8-6 and the Cards almost tie it but Pete Alexander smokes Hornsby to ice a rally. Rogers had two singles and a double, then comes up in the 8th with two on base but Pete bears down and gets him on a line out.

It'll be Oescheger for us in tomorrow's final, Genewich for them, as we try to win three! Good night, reader-people!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Thursday, April 17
Philadelphia Phillies 21. 667
Pittsburgh Pirates 21.667
St. Louis Cardinals 21.667
New York Giants 21.667
Cincinnati Reds 12 333 1
Boston Braves 12 333 1
Chicago Cubs 12.3331
Brooklyn Robins 12.3331


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