Me and Benny were plumb tired after yesterday's crazy first game, but we sure didn't expect anything this easy.

The crowd was a lot smaller, and we went to our usual place in the left field bleachers with a real good view of Johnny Mokan. If we yell at him between innings sometimes he fetches us a spare ball from the dugout and throws it our way, but today he must have been in a lousy mood because he didn't even turn around when Benny said "You're my dad's favorite Mr. Mokan!" Johnny didn't know that Benny doesn't have a father, so I guess he just was too busy concentrating.

And all the Phillies did! Cy Williams singled in a 1st inning run off Cooney, and then would you believe Johnny Mokan clubbed one high toward left the next inning, and it dropped a row behind us for a two-run home run! He decided to hit the ball to us instead of throw it, and Benny rolled around on the wood planks with two bigger guys trying to get it but got a scratched face instead.

Bill Hubbell gave up a few Braves hits but they couldn't score even once, while the Phillie bats went cuckoo. Cy smashed his first homer of the year in the 7th to make it 5-0, and after Holke's double knocked Cooney off the field in the 8th, this rube named Al Yeargin took the ball and Jimmie Wilson bonked a grand slam that went farther over our heads than Mokan's ball!

It was a fantastic first win, even though we heard from Gambling Gus on the way out that the dumb Giants had won, too. Benny was so happy he came with me to Mort's Cigars later. Mort had a couple jugs of whiskey under the floor in the back and Benny had a few samples until he started singing negro songs and they threw us both out.

But I got the other National scores before that happened:

BOSTON 000 000 000 — 0 7 0
PHILA. 120 010 15x — 10 16 0

at GIANTS 1-4-0, ROBINS 0-6-0
Another broken heart game for Brooklyn. Burleigh Grimes pitches better than McQuillan but another Giants rookie named Bill Terry wallops a cheap Polo Grounds shot for the only run.

PIRATES 5-10-0, at REDS 4-12-1
Lee Meadows almost gives away a 5-1 lead when Roush gets his third hit in the 7th, a 2-run single, but Babe Adams takes over and saves the day.

at CARDINALS 7-12-1, CUBS 5-9-0
This time Chicago takes a 3-0 lead in the 1st and gives it up. Five Redbird runs in the 4th off Keen win it for Sothoron. Hornsby gets two hits and has four now in six at bats. St. Louis and the Giants start play with 2-0 records.

It's supposed to be thirty degrees tomorrow and Benny has to stay home and take care of his sick sister, so I hope I can find a small crowd in the bleachers to keep warm in. Hal Carlson will start his first game for us against Larry Benton of the Braves. Here's to a chance at a winning record, reader-people!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, April 16
St. Louis Cardinals 201.000
New York Giants 201.000
Philadelphia Phillies 11. 500 1
Cincinnati Reds 11 500 1
Boston Braves 11 500 1
Pittsburgh Pirates 11.5001
Chicago Cubs 02.0002
Brooklyn Robins 02.0002

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