EDITOR'S NOTE: The Detroit Free-Enterprise regrets to inform our readers that Mr. Calvin Butterworth suffered an unfortunate personal mishap last evening, and has been transported to North Boston Hospital in Massachusetts, where the Tigers will play the Red Sox on their next road stop, for the finest medical attention. In his hopefully short absence, the base ball coverage will be supplied by a handful of other carefully-chosen staff writers.


By Reginald Roxy
Theater Critic
Detroit Free-Enterprise

May 16, 1924

PHILADELPHIA, PA—The Ferocious Felines of Detroit launched their third attempt at a grand Philadelphia performance this afternoon with a resounding chorus of opening safe blows. After a lead double by Mr. Topper Rigney, resplendent in his unsullied road greys and brown bottle bat, the Peach of Georgia, known on every American League stage as a fearsome competitor and robust manager of men, singled through the nearest hole and two were afloat. Up strode the mighty Harry, the Heilman of the Hinterlands, the Butcher of Balls, who chose an early offering from Eddie Rommel and propelled it deep into the bright sky, high toward the left field barrier. Out raced Bill Lamar, fleet of foot but too small of glove, leaping at the very last moment to attempt the impossible snag, only to fall to earth without said prize, a sad dashing of the Athletics' early hopes.

The tally was four to one for our heroes after the third inning, but in the second act, suspense arrived like a hive of bees. Lil Stoner, who had tippy-toed successfully around White Elephant droppings for four innings, fell into a hit-filled swamp in the 5th. Rommel doubled with one out, Bishop tripled, the Unsinkable Jimmy Dykes doubled, the Feverishly Talented Bing Miller singled, and the contest was knotted. Fatty Fothergill batted for Stoner on the next go-round and singled in "Lucky" Frank O'Rourke for another Detroit advantage, but Bert "Questionable Prowess" Cole allowed a Bishop single, Dykes double, and two-run single by the aforementioned Lamar and it was 6-5 Philadelphia.

Thus, it was with gloomy minds yet daring hearts that our dashing young clubbers rose to produce their finest work in the closing moments of the game's final act. After Rigney tripled with two retired in the 8th, a baby ground ball from Del Pratt nicked off the mitt of catcher Hale, as Topper skipped plateward to tie the game! Then in the 9th, Heilman walked, and Manush was struck most ungraciously by a Rommel pitch. Lucius Blue made out to advance the two sack-runners, and Johnny "Slower than William Taft" Bassler walked up with his threatening stick. Oh, our kingdom for a base knock! And knock he did, lining a single into right field for the two go-ahead runs! Rollie "Stinker" Naylor then relieved, and O'Rourke greeted him with a deep triple hit which skirted across the flat, sun-kissed meadow, never to be touched!

Our lead was 10-6 as many Athletic rooters grudgingly exited the upper balconies, but they were premature. An error from Cole, Miller triple and Lamar single made it 10-8. An Al Simmons single and walk to Hale loaded all foot pads, and Herm Pillette was summoned for the grand finale. Chick Galloway was his nemesis. Herm stared in, the ball was rubbed and hurled, and here it came! Chick swung, pounded the thing into the soft Pennsylvania clay, where Rigney fielded it and threw Galloway out with uncommon ease. It was over! The Tigers had triumphed and the citizens of Michigan, in their gambling parlors today and kitchens on the morrow, can stand up and cheer. Bravo, lads, bravo!

DET 310 001 014 - 10 16 1
PHA 001 030 202 - 8 14 1

Other American League performances today:

WHITE SOX 5-8-0, at RED SOX 4-12-0
Chicago gives Boston an unforgettable lesson in hit usage, as they manage four less than their scarlet counterparts but edge them with three bunched singles in the 6th. Blankenship receives glorious notices for his complete effort.

BROWNS 4-11-1, at YANKEES 3-5-0 (10 innings)
A thrilling spectacle of twirling from start to finish, as Urban Shocker confronts Herb Pennock and comes out the better. Hank Severeid's 10th inning single scores Tobin with the winner, while Babe Ruth, the Bambumbler, the Sultan of Stomach, the Lord of Lethargy, misses his clutch cues once more, making outs with men aboard and striking a double later when a cannon blast is needed. Poor Mr. Pennock suffers his second loss as a result, and dry eyes do not exist in the Bronxian palace.

at SENATORS 8-10-1, INDIANS 6-11-1
Cleveland is giddy and gay when they rebound from a 3-0 cavern, rough up Mogridge and take a 6-3 lead into the 8th. But Joe Shaute and his 5-1 record are truly for naught, as the Famous Washington Players unleash five consecutive safeties to score five times and claim their 21st battle of the campaign. I despise them.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Friday, May 16
Washington Senators 2111.645
Chicago White Sox 1911.6211
New York Yankees 1813.6002.5
Detroit Tigers 1515.5005
St. Louis Browns 1417.4336.5
Boston Red Sox 1317.4337
Cleveland Indians 1220.3879
Philadelphia Athletics 1220.3879

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