By Elizabeth Dashwood Weevilhurst
Detroit Free-Enterprise
Society Page Editor

July 30, 1924

Calvin Jedediah Butterworth, our immensely talented and happily betrothed documentarian of Detroit Tigers ball games, has by the grace of God been released from the Wayne County Jail after Free-Enterprise publisher Percival Q Mellon suddenly dropped all sabotage charges like a tray of tea cups.

Mr. Butterworth's recent harrowing escape from the wild environs of New England apparently won over the hearts of local base ball followers and his lady readers, and when news of his predicament reached local ears, mobs began congregating outside the jail and newsroom offices well before midnight. "Butterworth's a poet, not a patsy!" screamed his minions, as torches were lit, fists shaken, and shockingly blue language occasionally unleashed.

"I apologize for my hasty decision of 24 hours previous," spoke Mr. Mellon to my delicate ears over our hot cups of tea in his private news room salon, "Mr. Butterworth is a credit to his profession, and with the obviously spirited reaction to this troublesome incident, it is my hope that he remains on the sports writing staff for the remainder of his career."

With Calvin being mobbed by his most endearing well-wishers outside the jail, reaching him for a comment was an impossibility, but I did share a few moments with his darling wife Bonnie. "Joy is just overwhelming me at the moment!" she said, over further cups of tea and warm lemon scones in my newsroom parlor, "I never imagined his troubles would bring on such an outpouring of support." True, there were hints of this reaction when the crowd at Navin Field stood en masse to cheer him two days ago, but who would have ever imagined mass civil unrest?

After a restful evening tonight with Bonnie and his precocious little ones Callie and Cavendish, our hero Calvin intends to write a fresh game report tomorrow as our fighting Tigers take on the lordly Senators in their second afternoon affair of four. Welcome back again, Sir Scribe!!


WAS 011 000 000 - 2 7 0
DET 000 000 05x - 5 10 0

My, what a late surprise we had! This was the first Navin Gardens soiree I'd attended since back in May, and it was well worth such a wait. Softer than satin pillows against Lord Curly Ogden for seven entire stanzas, our valiant Bengals erupted for three successive single-hits, then two more of the same and a breathless triple off Mr. Russell by Robert Jones, to give us five runs and a desperately needed victory over the wizards of Washington. Our irresistible first-sacker Lucious Blue suffered an ankle twist and will be home resting with his adoring wife Lilly for a week or so, and let us hope it will not hinder our further winning play.

YANKEES 7-12-2, at BROWNS 4-8-2
Oddly, the New Yorkers appeared relaxed and happy all day, as though something magical had been dropped in their tonic glasses. Whatever the case, they struck four mighty home runs against Count Urban Shocker, two by Ernest Johnson, one by Robert Meusel, brother of Irish (of the McGraw family) and the 27th by George Herman Ruth, originally of Baltimore.

RED SOX 12-10-1, at WHITE SOX 2-7-3
The warring pair of hosiery do battle again, and the white ones are sadly hung out to dry. Boston plates five tallies in the 4th and six more in the 9th to embarrass the Chicagoans most severely.

at INDIANS 14-21-1, ATHLETICS 12-21-1 (14 innings)
Oh! Such drama! WIth the often ill-fated Luther Roy hurling behind an 8-1 advantage into the 7th chapter, the Philadelphians wreak undue havoc for the entire third act, scoring eleven times and knotting the affair at 12-12 with seven runs before the final curtain. Balls fly every which way throughout, as women and children in the seats and athletes on the green field are forced to duck at times. Mr. Roy Meeker and Mr. Bud Messenger square off in a chilling extra-inning duel for quite some time, I must say, before Charles Jamieson ends the gala event with a crackling home run onto the bordering avenue, sending all of Cleveland society into a dither. I feel...faint...just writing about this.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Wednesday, July 30
Washington Senators 6735.657
Detroit Tigers 5548.53412.5
New York Yankees 5248.52014
Chicago White Sox 5248.52014
St. Louis Browns 4656.45121
Cleveland Indians 4657.44721.5
Philadelphia Athletics 4557.44122
Boston Red Sox 4357.43023

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