August 26, 1924

After the Bucs ambushed us in the 9th yesterday and squeaked out another late win (making them 15-2 against us and 13-4 in extra innings vs. the league), they were mouthing off to writers again about how lousy a team we were and that the Black Phillies really bowed out because they were afraid to face them again. This drove Art Fletcher crazy. He was so mad afterwards he wouldn't come out of the shower and Cy had to do all our talking to the reporters.

Today with Jimmy Ring going against Johnny Morrison, we figured we at least had a fair chance, but the first two innings proved that this is a Pirate year through and through, and nothing Fletcher tries with our bunch is going to work.

Need a little evidence? After Carey and Grimm went out in the Buc 1st, Eddie Moore doubled and up came Cuyler, haunter of our dreams. After winning the game yesterday with a deep blast, Fletcher got cute and walked him on purpose, setting off the home crowd and bringing up Earl Smith.

Why did anyone think that would work? Smith cold-cocked the first Ring pitch into the right corner to score both runs. The Phils got angry enough to get them right back when Cy doubled leading the 2nd and two singles, a walk and passed ball followed, but these Pirates eat challenges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wright singled, Rabbit walked, Morrison bunted them over, and Fletcher pulled in the infield for Carey, who cracked one right past Ford for a 2-run single. After a Moore walk, Art said the hell with it and pitched to Cuyler this time—who of course singled for run number five.

The score stayed 5-2 them for the next four and a half innings, Morrison showing why he's 12-4 by shutting down every scoring chance easily. In the 7th the Bucs got another run on a Traynor single and Wright bounced one out to Heinie, who booted the double play chance to make it 7-2 and send Fletcher screaming into the club house tunnel.

Cy took over but he was just as disgusted and wouldn't even take Ring out when Carey led with a homer in the 8th and four straight Pirates singled. Fletcher was nowhere to be found later, and when I asked Cy where he went he took me aside and dropped his voice.

"Western Union. He's sending a telegram to Rube Foster in Chicago."

Oh boy. I knew what that meant. But wouldn't that get us in trouble with Judge Landis?

"Worth the consequences if you ask me," said Cy, "Damn Bucs want some competition for a day? Guess we might as well oblige 'em."


PHI 020 000 010 - 3 9 1
PIT 230 000 25x - 12 16 0

Other National League games today:

at CARDINALS 6-4-0, ROBINS 5-14-1
Yes readers, you are not seeing things with this line score. Proof that the NL race is just about over is displayed out at Sportsman's Park when Dazzy Vance guns for his 20th win and gets only one run by his teammates in the first six innings. Hornsby then pokes a ball just over the left wall to tie the game, and after Brooklyn takes a 2-1 lead back in the 8th, the earth opens up below their cleats. With the bases filled and two outs, Blades skies one out to Zack Wheat, who drops it for a 2-base error and the St. Louis lead. Hornsby then creams another homer and five unearned runs are across! Just to torture the Robins even more, the Baseball Lords let them score three times in the 9th before Milt Stock, forced to bat against lefty Fowler with Johnston injured, pops out with the bases loaded to end the game and knock Brooklyn nine games out.

at CUBS 8-13-3, GIANTS 5-7-3
Not that they were even in the race, but the Giants start to miss their usual awful ballplaying and dish out another fine serving of it. Back-to-back errors from the Flub Boys, Ross Youngs and Travis Jackson, give the Cubs the game's first run, Virgil Barnes throws away a 3-1 Giants lead in the 5th with two walks, a hit batter and single, and after the teams go neck-and neck and New York ties it 5-5 in the 8th, Barnes loses his mind and hands the Cubs five hits and three runs in the last of the 8th. Just to make it all even worse, George Kelly continues his hot hitting with a triple and homer, Pete Alexander goes out with an injury after eight innings and the Giants still manage to lose.

at REDS 2-7-2, BRAVES 0-11-2
At least the arsenic bottles are put away for a day in Cincy, as Eppa Rixey throws a nice little 11-hitter for his 19th win and fourth shutout. For the Braves, it's loss number 90.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Tuesday, August 26
Pittsburgh Pirates7942.653
Brooklyn Robins7253.5769
Cincinnati Reds7154.56810
New York Giants6756.54513
Chicago Cubs6063.48420
St. Louis Cardinals6063.48820
Philadelphia Phillies5173.41129.5
Boston Braves3490.27446.5

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