By C. Jedediah Butterworth

September 10, 1924

CHICAGO—While the Robins, Giants and Cubs move through September like rolling artillery, the Reds seem to be evaporating before our eyes. With their exceptional pitching and spunky, triple-heavy offense, they've stayed in the National race for months. Until now.

Dolf Luque, after failed victory tries by aces Mays and Rixey, proves no better as a Grigsby single in the 1st followed by consecutive two-sack hits by Grantham, Miller and Hartnett put Chicago ahead 3-0 in front of the small but riotous crowd. Elmer Jacobs gives the Reds nothing but a Bressler double and Wingo single for the first five innings, but a Hollocher gaffe leads to two Cincinnati tallies in the 6th, and a game is made of it.

Boob Fowler's pinch-hit single in the 7th knots the affair, before Hollocher makes up for his earlier flub with a line single off reliever Dibut to put the Cubs ahead once more.

So here I am in the cool late afternoon Illinois shade, the Reds are down to their final batter in the 9th, and I'm wondering why I was compelled to take in this game. How is this the most exciting one today? Backup infielder Sam Bohne has been chosen to bat for Dibut, and what could he possibly—

Oh. So I see. Bohne rifles the first Jacobs pitch deep over the left bleacher seats and the game is miraculously tied! Poor Jakie May, the second Reds relief man who won his first three games of the season and has lost seven in a row since then, takes the sphere and gives Grigsby a single to start the last of the 9th. Friberg and Grantham make out, but then Hack Miller steps plateward, he of the two doubles already. Hack powers one high and deep to center, Curt Walker races back, but the ball is over his head! Here comes Grigsby all the way from first to slide under Wingo's tag, and Chicago is three games above .500 for the first time all year.

"That game was a hoot and a half!" Smith tells me as we head out for seafood because I am not eating Chicago cow again for some time, "Where we off to tomorrow?"

"Do you not like surprises, Dean?"

CIN 000 002 101 - 4 7 0
CHI 300 000 011 - 5 11 1

Other ball games today (with Master Spanelli off vacationing with his new bride):

St. Louis plays as tough as they can without Hornsby, but their 3-0 lead on Cooper in the 1st is short-lived. The Pittsburghers score six times off Sothoron in the 2nd, four of the runs before an out is even recorded, Cuyler knocks in three more to give him a remarkable 132 runs batted in, and the Buccaneers snap out of their brief doldrums. What's more, they keep a one-game lead over Washington for the best record in the sport, the victor at season's end to enjoy four possible home games in the World Series.

at ROBINS 16-19-0, PHILLIES 3-13-2
Grimes throws horribly again, but Zack Wheat's three home runs and seven runs batted in make everyone at Ebbets forget that.
Consider this mauling a belated wedding gift for the new Mrs. Spanelli, courtesy of her favorite club.

at GIANTS 14-17-2, BRAVES 3-5-1
Art Nehf is superb, the Giants enjoy a seven-run 4th and five-run 7th and decrepit Boston loses their 100th game in appropriate fashion. Mr. George Kelly continues his fall rampage with two singles and a triple, and is now hitting .431 in the first ten days of September with 4 home runs and 22 knocked in.

SENATORS 5-10-1, at ATHLETICS 1-7-2
The masterful Walter Johnson ends the Washington losing routine, Bill Lamar's solo homer off him in the 8th the only blemish. The Nats score their runs off Baumgartner with their trademark flurry of walks and bloops and opposition errors, but their magical digit drops to 10 and can sink far lower this weekend in Detroit.

at TIGERS 6-16-2, WHITE SOX 3-10-1
The Detroiters continue to play fine ball, with Syl Johnson handcuffing the Chicagos this time around. Every Tiger in the lineup growls in with a hit, and Manush collects three.

YANKEES 6-12-0, at RED SOX 3-7-1
Back above .500, the Yanks and Pennock handle Boston with ease. Combs doubles twice and breaks a 2-2 tie in the 4th with his second one before going out with an ankle sprain while rounding the bag. The final Boston-New York contest occurs tomorrow, with Bush matching up against Quinn, and the Yanks with a 13-8 advantage.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, Sept. 10
Pittsburgh Pirates8653.619
Brooklyn Robins8159.5795.5
New York Giants8059.5766
Cincinnati Reds7862.5578.5
Chicago Cubs7168.51115
St. Louis Cardinals6772.48219
Philadelphia Phillies5584.39631
Boston Braves39100.28147
AMERICAN LEAGUE through Wednesday, Sept. 10
Washington Senators 8453.613
Detroit Tigers 7861.5617
Chicago White Sox 7167.51413.5
New York Yankees 6968.50415
Boston Red Sox 6771.48617.5
St. Louis Browns 6573.47119.5
Philadelphia Athletics 5979.42825.5
Cleveland Indians 5980.42426

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