By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

August 29, 1924

NEW YORK—Sparkling new Yankee Stadium bursts at the seams, despite the home nine having their rumps paddled yesterday. The presence of first-place Washington is undoubtedly at play, as is the fine early autumn weather and the fact that the Yanks have but ten home games left.

And the mob is rewarded for their numbers almost instantly. Tom Zachary twirls for Washington, but the portsider has been a pale visage of his earlier self of late, and the peppering continues in the very 1st when Earle Combs leads with a clanging double and Joe Dugan singles him home one batter later. Ruth fans mightily but Meusel chips in with a hit and Pipp adds a scoring fly. A Bush single, second Combs double and second Meusel single in the 2nd make it 4-0, and the grumbling in the visiting dugout can be heard clear up in the press row.

For Bullet Joe Bush is firing another gem at them for the fourth time this season, and the Nats could tell the sun wouldn't shine on them today when they filled the sacks with none retired in the 1st and Goslin, Rice and Tate went out weakly. In the middle frames, there is more of the same, as scattered singles by Goslin, Judge and Tate are the only blemishes.

A frightening Pipp triple and Schang single add to the Yank lead in the 5th before the world as Washington knows it utterly explodes in the 7th. Three straight singles with one out finish off Zachary, but By Speece is greeted with a walk, two more singles, a 2-base gaffe by Rice and two more walks to add six steaming runs to the New York plate. The Nats scratch out their only two digits off Bush on a Tate double in the 8th, but the constant gleeful baying from the stands has long drowned out any hope for competition here.

One oddity is the dry offensive showing by Ruth, who has been the only Yankee squaring up the ball these dark days. "Okay by me," he says afterwards through the fat roll of his fresh cigar, "I needed a day off anyway." The two clubs stand at 10-10 versus each other for the year, and the great Walter Johnson will attempt to give his team the leading notch tomorrow.

WAS 000 000 020 - 2 7 2
NYY 220 010 60x - 11 15 1

Other American League games played today:

TIGERS 7-9-2, at BROWNS 0-5-1
It is a full day of massacre in the Americans. The incredible Rip Collins improves to 22-3 with a complete whitewashing and ironing of the Browns, as seven of Detroit's nine hits come from the bottom three slots of the order. Knowing the motivation tools of Mr. Cobb, I am certain the sight of Washington's flailings in New York on the local board got his team sparked up. It is the 70th win of the season for the Tigers, and a truly sterling one.

WHITE SOX 25-25-1, at INDIANS 3-7-5
As I said, it is a day of massacre.

at RED SOX 12-17-2, ATHLETICS 5-12-0
The Mackmen bounce back from a 3-0 deficit with four runs in the 4th, Gray, Harriss and Naynor cannot hold back the Beaneater floodgates as they take over 5th place from St. Louis. In truth it is a horrid contest, with Boston receiving ten free passes and leaving 16 men adrfit in a game that takes nearly two hours and fifteen minutes to play.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Friday, August 29
Washington Senators 7948.622
Detroit Tigers 7058.5479.5
Chicago White Sox 6561.51613.5
New York Yankees 6164.48817
Boston Red Sox 6166.48018
St. Louis Browns 6167.47718.5
Philadelphia Athletics 5772.44223
Cleveland Indians 5674.43124.5

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