May 12, 1924

Some days you can't get out of bed, or just plain shouldn't. It wasn't until 11 in the morning that I was well enough to eat something, and it was a stale biscuit Benny brought upstairs for me. My first encounter with illegal German beer didn't go all that swell, and I told him I'd be danged if I ever stepped foot in one of those beery gardens again.

The Redland Field sunshine helped my condition, though. This time Benny paid a little extra for good seats between third base and home plate, far away from our bleacher hooligan friends, and when Holke singled in the top of the 1st and Cy walked to the plate to face Rixey, it seemed like the day would turn out fine. But Williams grounded out, and the afternoon went down the drain like dirty bath water.

You see, after Wilson singled with one out in the 2nd, the remaining 23 Phillie batters went down without a fight. I don't know where this Eppa Rixey guy came from or what disease he was named after, but the lefty didn't throw one ball we could hit with a side of beef. Meantime, Cincy put together two of their famous softy rallies, scoring with walks, sacrifice flies, triples by people who never hit them, and it was 4-0 to stay by the end of the 6th.

The crowd around us was hooting themselves hoarse, and me and Benny just had to sit there and take it. Benny didn't even yell anything after the third inning, and by the end had sunk so low in his seat all I could see was his cap.

What do you do for fun after getting run down by a lorry? I said I'd even go back to Over-the-Rhine and that beer garden just to cheer Benny up, but he didn't want to run into those German goons again. So I said why not Fountain Square and another moving picture and he said fine.

This time I wanted to find one without kissing and we were in luck because the Lyric was showing "The Lost World", which I think was based on a book by the guy who wrote Sherlock Holmes stories, and it had all these scary prehistoric monsters in it. Benny jumped in his seat and even screamed at one part but mostly laughed and was in a much better mood when it was over and took me to a nice joint for a great spaghetti and sausage dinner. Sometimes when you have an awful day all you need is a good place to escape to, and the Lyric Theatre sure did it for us tonight.

One more Redland game tomorrow and we head to Pittsburgh. Good night, reader-people!

PHL 000 000 000 - 0 2 0
CIN 000 202 00x - 4 7 0

Other National League games:

at PIRATES 2-6-0, BRAVES 0-5-0
Oh boy, now we get to play the red-hot Bucs after this. Johnny Morrison goes to 4-0 and Kiki Cuyler knocks in both runs with a single and homer.

at CUBS 10-16-1, ROBINS 4-7-2
Did the Brooklyners just lose two in a row? Unbelievable! Keen beats Tiny Osborne here, and the Cubbies do most of their bat-damage late. Tied 2-2 in the 6th, Rube Eberhardt relieves the tired Osborne and Ray Grimes triples off him to clear the bases. Gabby Hartnett smacks two homers and Chicago gets five more in the 8th to force a tie for first place between the Robins and Bucs. Tomorrow's pitching matchup is spectacular: Dazzy Vance against Pete Alexander. Wish I could listen to it on one of those radio-machines.

GIANTS 9-15-0, at CARDINALS 2-7-2
Well, that's what happens when I make fun of a team. George Kelly still can't drive in any runs, but the rest of McGraw's mashers sure do, as Virgil Barnes wins his fourth game. Frisch and Heinie Groh get almost half of the New York hits.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Monday, May 12
Pittsburgh Pirates169.640
Brooklyn Robins169.640
Cincinnati Reds1611.593 1
New York Giants1412.5382.5
St. Louis Cardinals1314.4814
Chicago Cubs1116.4076
Boston Braves916.360 7
Philadelphia Phillies917.346 7.5


  1. Baseball in the 1920's: Babe Ruth, Dazzy Vance, Grover Alexander, and 'Lil Stoner? Sign me up for the 1st time machine tests. I know where I want to go.
    Thanks for a great blog Jeff.

    Kevin G.

  2. Next portal to 1924 opens at 7 this evening. I will meet you at Bunky's Tavern a block from Shibe Park for a glass of absinthe.