Well, a weekend that started so good for me in the romance area slid into a mud pit today for all kinds of reasons.

The first was when I was eating eggs and toast at Rachel's place in the morning and she asked if I'd read all 200 pages of the novel she was writing, which was only half of the thing. I said okay I would take it home with me and send it back but no, she wanted me to sit there and read it in front of her. So I faked it the best I could, especially since it was on these handwritten pages and her writing was so small I needed glasses to make most of it out. After an hour of this torture she said forget it and pulled it out of my hands and told me to get ready to go to Ebbets.

Then the game happened. The Robins beat up Carlson for three runs in the 1st and like yesterday it stayed that way for a while until Cy Williams belted a homer off Doak in the 5th to make it 3-2. Then it was 4-2 Brooklyn, then 5-2, and I kept making excuses to get up and walk around, because I was starting to not enjoy losing at Ebbets Field, and we were working on the fourth straight time.

Every inning was filled with base runners and nervousness and Rachel and me were afraid to look at each other. We cut it to 5-3 in the 8th, but then Zack Wheat doubled to lead off the Brooklyn 8th and I cursed under my breath and whacked my hand on my seat. Rachel got all huffy and stopped talking to me right there.

On the way out of the park with her a step or two in front of me we heard someone yell our names. We turned and there was Benny! He'd come up in the morning to see the last two games, figuring out from my mama that I'd lied to her and was here myself. Rachel was in no mood to see him, that's for sure, and she said bye and left with a "maybe I'll see you here tomorrow."

Can you believe it? All over her crazy writing! I was pretty happy to see Benny, though, and we took an underground train and then a streetcar all the way to Harlem, where the luggage guy from Philadelphia had another luggage friend named Cecil who had an apartment and put us up.

Benny said to heck with Rachel, there's plenty of tomatoes around, and I guess I agree, except I won't get over this one too quick. Good night from Harlem, reader-people!

PHL 000 020 010 - 3 11 1
BRK 300 011 01x - 6 14 0

Other National League games:

CARDINALS 12-12-1, at PIRATES 8-10-1
Didn't think the Buccos could give up this many runs, but I guess everyone has bad days. They're actually winning this 8-6 behind Cooper going to the 7th but two doubles make it 8-7. Then Wright makes a big two-out boot in the 8th and Ray Blades follows with a grand slam homer and the ballgame!

GIANTS 6-11-0, at BRAVES 3-7-2
Art Nehf is tough for the Giants and they win at Braves Field again even though George Kelly gets no hits in four tries again. In 18 games now he has no homers, only six batted in and a stinky .216 average.

CUBS 8-11-3, REDS 5-9-3
The Reds look like they're going to steal another one, but this time the Cubs get mad and score five runs in the 8th off Donohue thanks to errors from Critz and Caveney. If Cincy had won they would have tied the Bucs and Robins for first!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, May 3
Pittsburgh Pirates117.611
Brooklyn Robins117.611
Cincinnati Reds108.556 1
New York Giants99.5002
St. Louis Cardinals910.4742.5
Boston Braves810.444 3
Philadelphia Phillies711.389 4
Chicago Cubs712.3684.5

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