By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

May 4, 1924

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Mightily discouraged after dropping their third game of the series yesterday, Cobb's Crushers flexed their white ash clubs with boundless glee as they utterly destroyed the hapless St. Louis team at Sportsman's Park.

Behind 1-0 in the 2nd and nearly out of the inning, Brownie twirler Ray Kolp caused Detroit pitcher Holloway to loft a harmless fly out to Ken Williams, only to have the soapy-handed left fielder lose the ball in the sun for a two-sack error. This was followed by the inevitable: a Cobb single, Rigney walk, singles from Bassler, Heilman and Manush, a Blue walk and Pratt single for seven tainted runs.

Against Vangilder in the following frame, Heilman rifled a 3-run blow out of the field and it was 12-0. For the day, his Harryness was a true king, plating seven of the 15 Tiger runs while amassing four hits. Dauss came on in the 8th after Holloway had grown weary and dished out seven runs of his own, but by that stage the fate of the game was etched in the season log book.

So the team boarded the express for Chicago tonight, ready to wrestle four more times with the White Stockings, and deadlocked with New York now on the third American League rung. Manager Cobb was especially feisty, and had the finest slaughterhouse cuts served to every Tiger man in the dining car.

DET 174 100 230 - 18 23 1
STL 004 000 210 - 7 14 3

Other American League contests:

WHITE SOX 9-8-1, at INDIANS 8-13-1
Warming up for the Detroiters, Chicago charges back from a 4-0 deficit to overwhelm Luther Roy and the Tribe at League Park. Cleveland makes five more hits and Joe Sewell emerges from his cocooon of lumber silence with three hits and three knocked in, but far too many sparrows are left on the wires.

at SENATORS 7-11-1, ATHLETICS 2-7-2
No one seems to strand base runners more than Washington, but they have enough pitching and fielding artists to compensate. Marberry pitches rather well for him, and Russell finishes up to keep the Nats a half notch ahead of Chicago.

Boston and New York enjoyed a day with God or their families, and resume play Monday by hosting the Senators and Athletics, respectively.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, May 4
Washington Senators 137.650
Chicago White Sox 127.6320.5
Detroit Tigers 118.5791.5
New York Yankees 118.5791.5
Boston Red Sox 910.4743.5
St. Louis Browns 812.4005
Cleveland Indians 812.4005
Philadelphia Athletics 614.3007

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