June 4, 1924

Benny was in a much better mood today when he showed up during my mathematics lesson posing as my cousin with whooping cough to help get me out of school. He'd found Ruth's address after much trouble and mailed off his love poem, so he figured in a day or two she'd be reading his love-words and regretting she ever walked away from him for being a lowlife Phillies fan.

It does take a certain brand of life to be one, though, as our team proved again today. It was Sunny Jim Bottomley's turn to whale away on us this time. He doubled in two runs in the 1st to help give the Cards a 3-0 lead off the bat. Cy doubled one back for us, but then St. Louis got two more off Hubbell in the 2nd on doubles from Hornsby and Clemons and another hit from Bottomley.

And then we started coming back. The fans were too worn out from booing during yesterday's massacre so today they were pretty polite, and when Wilson homered in the 4th and Harper based a 2-run smack off Haines to start the 5th, the crowd was all up and crazy like we were about to win a pennant. Mokan then singled in the equalizing run with two outs, and when Harper doubled in a run in the 6th to put us up 6-5, me and Benny jumped and almost hugged and peanuts went everywhere.

Hubbell meanwhile had calmed down and seemed to be headed for his seventh win, but you can never expect miracles at Baker Bowl on a warm day—unless you're the visitors. Sure enough, Ford booted a grounder with two outs in the 7th, and Les Bell batted for Haines. Bell just about never plays, but he picked out a Hubbell curve and cranked it way out to left and St. Louis had the lead, 7-6. The air fizzed out of the Phillie balloon the next inning as Blades, Hornsby and Bottomley again singled, Betts came in to walk and hit two guys, and we were down for good 9-6.

It always helps to look for hopeful signs after a calamity, though, and we did have a whole bunch of fight in us after getting trounced yesterday. Who knows? Maybe Carlson will have it tomorrow and Flint Rhem will stink for them like he usually does. You want evenmore hope? Read about the Brooklyn game below. Good night, reader-people!

STL 320 000 220 - 9 13 0
PHL 100 131 000 - 6 15 2

Other National League games today:

at ROBINS 9-8-2, PIRATES 5-11-3
Brooklyn lost all three games to the Bucs at Forbes, so after Traynor hits a 2-run sock in the 1st off Ruether, it looks grim again. But a huge two-base error by Maranville in the Robin 1st, then three walks and two singles off Emil Yde give them a 4-2 lead! The Pirates as usual chip back and go ahead 5-4 into the bottom of the 8th, but then Pittsburgh falls off their own plank. Carey drops a fly to start, followed by two walks and a 2-run pinch single by Neis for a 6-5 Brooklyn lead. A single, double and second Maranville boot later, it's 9-5 and the Bucs beat themselves in another one!

at GIANTS 3-7-2, CUBS 2-7-2
Keen and Barnes square off in a tight duel to see who can gain ground on first place, and it's the red-hot Giants. Frank Snyder replaces catcher Gowdy late in the game and whacks a strolling-off homer with one out in the 9th to probably send the Polo Grounds into a tizzy.

REDS 7-10-0, at BRAVES 2-10-0
Cincy gets closer too! This time it's little-used infielder Sam Bohne's turn to collect two triples and a homer while the top of their lineup goes 1-for-14 and they beat the sickening Braves anyway. What a race now! Even the Cards are just four and a half games out.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, June 4
Pittsburgh Pirates2916.644
New York Giants2818.6091.5
Cincinnati Reds2920.5922
St. Louis Cardinals2723.5404.5
Brooklyn Robins2322.5116
Chicago Cubs2127.4389.5
Philadelphia Phillies2028.41710.5
Boston Braves1235.25518

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