May 26, 1924

Dear Mama:

I'm writing this from the lobby of the Lazy Bones Drive-up Hotel somewhere in Ohio to tell you that me and Benny are having a real good time on our trip and expect to be back home as soon as we can!

Benny is a good person to travel with because he is an expert at driving and always seems to make the right decisions about things. His Chrysler has been a great gasoline car and hasn't given us even one problem if you can believe that. On the way home I'm also getting a chance to drive because Benny's foot got real tired, but I'm being very safe and if I had a Kodak I would take you pictures of all the pretty little back country roads we were zipping along on the whole day.

Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis were beautiful cities to visit and each one had a different way of welcoming us. We mostly stayed in hotels but in St. Louis it was with a very nice family that lived in a less fancy part of town and they made us lots of great healthy food and glasses of milk. I even bumped into an old friend in Chicago, someone I met when I went up to New York for my newspaper delivery research trip last month and we had a bunch of laughs. Benny also made us some extra cash by doing an odd job for an interesting businessman we met at the ball park.

Benny still has lots of money left but we're being careful anyway on the way back east and will probably buy a few days worth of sandwiches because we're getting kind of sick of big dinners. Boston is the last stop on our trip and I hope we can get there before the Phillies do for tomorrow's game but we might not. We were thinking of skipping that part and just coming home but what the heck, as long as we made it this far why give up?

In case you haven't been following our team, we lost three out of four in both Cincy and Pittsburgh (the Pirates are scary!) but then took three out of four in both Chicago and St. Louis. Boston stinks to heaven so we should do a number on them.

Anyway, I miss you a lot and hope you're okay and if I get a chance to write you from New England in the next day or two I sure will.


Only National League game today which I found out about in the back room of a general store somewhere in northern Pennsylvania:

REDS 3-12-1, at CARDINALS 2-10-0 (11 innings)
Boy, the Cards suddenly can't catch a break and the Reds finally get one. Carl Mays goes the whole way and even triples in the top of the 11th off the previously unscored-on Jesse Fowler to make up a measly half-game on the first place Bucs, who now go to Cubs Park for a vacation.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Monday, May 26
Pittsburgh Pirates2610.722
Cincinnati Reds2417.5854.5
New York Giants2117.5536
Brooklyn Robins2017.5416.5
St. Louis Cardinals2021.4888.5
Chicago Cubs1822.45010
Philadelphia Phillies1623.41011.5
Boston Braves1028.26317

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