By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

September 28, 1924

Because it will be another day before we learn which ball park I will be meeting Master Spanelli in for the World Series, I decided this would be an ample opportunity to briefly discuss the warring attributes of the two participants. In short, my fearful predictions.

FIRST BASE: Joe Judge (Wash) vs. Charlie Grimm (Pitts)

(Wait. I must rephrase that.)

Charlie Grimm (Pgh.) vs. Joe Judge (Was.)
These are the two best fielding first-sackers in the sport. Judge is a far superlative hitter, but Grimm has had his lion's share of important strikes. Still...Washington advantage.

SECOND BASE: Rabbit Maranville (Pgh.) vs. Bucky Harris (Was.)
The Senator skipper has been a sterling leader, and has driven in the second-most winning RBIs on the team after Goslin, but Maranville is his hitting and fielding match, and not averse to swatting the occasional back-breaking triple from his eighth slot in the lineup. Draw.

SHORT-STOP: Glenn Wright (Pgh.) vs. Roger Peckinpaugh (Was.)
Both men can muff balls, but both have extraordinary range and start numerous twin-killings. Both are also stronger against left-hand pitching, so with Pittsburgh starting two left-handers and Mogridge the only one for the Senators...Slight Washington advantage.

THIRD BASE: Pie Traynor (Pgh) vs. Ossie Bluege (Was.)
No contest in this corner. Fielding is even and excellent between them, but Pie is by far the better batsman...Pittsburgh advantage.

LEFT FIELD: Kiki Cuyler (Pgh.) vs. Goose Goslin (Was.)
The most valuable man in each league, and patrolling the same outfield meadow! Goslin (.328, 14, 143, 21 GWRBIs) owned the first half of the season, Cuyler (.364, 15, 140, 17 GWRBIs) the second, but Kiki is a much better flycatcher and has 31 stolen bases in 37 tries to boot...Pittsburgh advantage.

CENTER FIELD: Max Carey (Pgh.) vs. Nemo Leibold (Was.)
Carey takes this competition for his superlative speed (50-6 stealing bases) and better hitting-punch, though Leibold makes fewer errors and can get on base nearly as well...Pittsburgh advantage.

RIGHT FIELD: Eddie Moore/Clyde Barnhart (Pgh.) vs. Sam Rice (Was.)
Moore has a sizzling bat but Barnhart is weaker against portsiders. Rice does more things well, though, and if he notches one more run batted in his last two games in Boston he will finish with 100, against zero home runs...Washington advantage.

CATCHER: Earl Smith/Johnnie Gooch (Pgh.) vs. Muddy Ruel/Bennie Tate (Was.)
Smith is the most powerful and dangerous at the backstop position, but Ruel is always on base and will be instrumental in keeping Cuyler and Carey from robbing the basepath store...Washington advantage.

STARTING PITCHING: Ray Kremer, Lee Meadows, Johnny Morrison, Emil Yde (Pgh.) vs. Walter Johnson, George Mogridge, Curly Ogden, Tom Zachary.
All of these twirlers are capable of pitching suffocating games. All are also capable of being shelled, though the Big Train certainly the least likely, and he may start three of the contests. For that reason alone...Washington advantage.

RELIEF PITCHING: Babe Adams, Arnie Stone, Wilbur Cooper (Pgh.) vs. Alan Russell, Firpo Marberry, By Speece (Was.)
Adams is the cream of the crop, and Cooper joins the pack from the rotation. Russell has a rash of saves but has been plain horrible in September, and Marberry is a human heart palpitator....Pittsburgh advantage.

BENCH: The Senators are far wider and deeper, with Doc Prothro, Lance Richbourg and Earl McNeely adept with the stick. Jewel Ens and Gooch, if he isn't starting, lead a much paltrier Pirate brigade...Washington advantage.

MANAGERS: Bill McKechnie (Pgh.) vs. Bucky Harris (Wash.) One of the better battles on hand. Harris is quicker to make substitutions because he has more to draw from, but the Pirates have been getting timely hits all season no matter what order they're put in...Draw.

BALL PARKS: Forbes Field and Griffith Stadium are home run cemeteries, perfectly suited for both teams' gap-shooting attacks. Each club leads its league in triples and is near the bottom in clouts. Pittsburgh must drop its final game in Chicago and Washington must win both of theirs at Fenway to bring the home advantage to the Senators, so at this writing, the Steel City should likely prepare for the first festivities.

By my count, that is 6-4 in advantages for Washington. But nothing has gone the way it has supposed to in 1924, and I am usually a poor soothsayer, so I will lean toward the club with the probable extra home game. Pirates win in six games.

All Ball Games played today:

at CUBS 3-9-1, PIRATES 0-5-1
One of the sorriest hitting shows by the pennant winners all year, as Vic Aldridge spins his second shutout in front of the home folks. Cuyler is 0-for-4 and slumping as badly as Goslin.

BRAVES 12-16-1, at ROBINS 2-6-1
I imagine Boston became aggravated by losing 15-0 the day previous. Tiny Osborne surrenders seven hits, four walks and seven runs in his less than four innings of sickening work.

at GIANTS 9-18-0, PHILLIES 6-12-0
New York ties Brooklyn for second place as McQuillan beats Couch.

REDS 12-20-0, at CARDINALS 1-9-1
Sheehan over Haines in front of a dozen diehard denizens.

BROWNS 7-9-0, at INDIANS 3-10-1
In a final attempt to tie the Browns for sixth place, the Tribe ties the game 2-2 in the 6th, takes the lead 3-2 in the 7th, only to have St. Louis score five times in the 8th, begun with a bases-clearing triple by Herschel Bennett.

at WHITE SOX 13-18-1, TIGERS 4-7-4
All four western clubs complete their season with this game, and Detroit goes out in expected disappointing fashion. Earl Whitehill, hideous for most of the second part of the year, loses his 19th game by giving Chicago three runs in the 3rd and seven in the 4th, aided by the putrid play of Topper Rigney and others in the field. The Tigers are laid to rest in second place, but Cobb can't feel too comfortable about it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The 1924 World Series between Pittsburgh and Washington will be "tweet-casted" live right here beginning Monday night at 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 Pacific and continuing at that time through the week, with full accounts to appear on this site the following morning.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Sunday, September 28
x-Pittsburgh Pirates9261.601
Brooklyn Robins8964.5823
New York Giants8964.5823
Cincinnati Reds8766.5695
Chicago Cubs8271.53510
St. Louis Cardinals7578.49017
Philadelphia Phillies5796.37335
Boston Braves41112.26851
AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, September 28
x-Washington Senators 9161.599
Detroit Tigers 8371.5399
New York Yankees 8072.52611
Chicago White Sox 8173.52611
Boston Red Sox 7280.47419
St. Louis Browns 7183.46121
Cleveland Indians 6985.44823
Philadelphia Athletics 6587.42826

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