September 13, 1924

DETROIT—My trusty air pilot and his plane needed a rest, so we arrived back in Michigan a full day early. On tap was a three-game showdown between Washington and the Tigers that would go a long way to deciding the league pennant, and Bonnie celebrated my return to the family by roasting a chicken.

On Navin Field, Curly Ogden and Rip Collins began the afternoon by dishing out enticing appetizers. Ogden was 17-6 and Collins a lordly 24-3, and few of us expected runs to plentiful, but early evidence surfaced in the first two seatings when Leibold and Goslin were left stranded by a Rice popout, and when O'Rourke bounced into a double play to offset singles by Bassler and Pratt.

Then with one retired in the Tiger 3rd, Cobb ripped a clean single to center. Topper Rigney bashed a double to the deepest environs, Tyrus scampered around the sacks and Detroit had a 1-0 lead for the Ripper.

Inning after inning, Collins befuddled the Washingtonians, and he maintained his 3-hit shuout going into the top of the 8th. Ogden batted for himself and hustled out a single. Ruel bunted him to second, and then Leibold dribbled one right to the left of the mound. Collins misplayed it, runners were at the corners, and few could stand to watch.

With good reason, for Joseph Judge then threw the game out of court with a ferocious triple between Cobb and Al Wingo, who had replaced Lu Blue in the lineup when Blue went out with a severe injury earlier. By the time the ball was relayed, Judge stood on third, where he then scored on a Goslin fly to make it 3-1 Senators.

Rigney and Wingo responded with singles with one out in the Detroit 8th, but Heilman and Manush lined to Harris to end that threat. Pillette and Cole got us out of a 9th inning pickle, and the Tigers had one more chance for redemption. With one out, Jones and O'Rourke both walked. Russell replaced Ogden and Woodall greeted him with a pinch single to load the bases. Cobb worked out a walk and it was 3-2.

Up came Rigney, the crowd up and howling. Bucky Harris signaled his infield to play in at the corners, but Rigney topped the ball just to the player/manager's left, who spun about, whipped it to Peckinpaugh, who fired it to Judge for the game-ending double play!

Such heartbreak! Detroit truly needed to win all three of these games, and now have dug themselves into a most harrowing trench. Tomorrow's southpaw battle between Zachary and Whitehill will surely produce either hope or panic.

WAS 000 000 030 - 3 8 0
DET 001 000 001 - 2 8 1

Other Ball Games today:

at WHITE SOX 5-10-1, YANKEES 2-8-1
A miniature version of the New York season. While Waite Hoyt is pitching fine, yet the Yanks cannot score off Sarge Connally. Minutes after finally scratching ahead 2-1 in the 6th, Hoyt commences his horrific stretch, giving up seven singles and four Chicago runs in the last three innings. The loss means the Yankees can merely end the season in a tie for first place now.

at BROWNS 5-8-0, RED SOX 4-4-1
As odd a contest as you'll find. St. Louis hammers Fullerton for five quick runs, while the usually hit-giving Vangilder doesn't allow even one to Boston until Williams singles with two outs in the 6th. The Red Sox, quiet until the 9th, then string three walks and three singles together off Vangilder and Pruett before Flagstead and Wambsganss make outs with the bases loaded.

at INDIANS 9-13-0, ATHLETICS 5-12-1
SIx Tribe runs in the 1st are all Coveleski needs to hold the Mackmen at bay, and Speaker chips in with a big home run.

PIRATES 2-8-1, at BRAVES 0-8-0
Boston may never come this close again to beating the Bucs, as they strand 12 runners against Kremer in his 19th victory of the year. Some apparently talented batter named Kiki Cuyler singles twice, the second one being the game-winner.

at GIANTS 5-12-1, CARDINALS 4-11-0
For the second straight day, McGraw's Marauders squeak out a late comeback win, this time on a two-out Hank Gowdy single off Fowler in the 8th. New York is a robust 13-2 in September now and has taken second place because...

REDS 5-13-1, at ROBINS 3-9-1
Brooklyn drops a tough one to the Reds, despite Andy High's 3-run homer knotting the game in the 6th. Winner Rube Benton is now a remarkable 9-0 on the season.

CUBS 5-8-2, at PHILLIES 1-7-2
The Cubs are the only team hotter than the Giants, as Aldridge bests Oescheger with relative ease and they go five games over .500 for the first time.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, September 13
Pittsburgh Pirates8853.624
New York Giants8259.5826
Brooklyn Robins8160.5747
Cincinnati Reds7962.5609
Chicago Cubs7368.51815
St. Louis Cardinals6774.47521
Philadelphia Phillies5586.39033
Boston Braves39102.27749
AMERICAN LEAGUE through Saturday, September 13
Washington Senators 8554.612
Detroit Tigers 7863.5538
Chicago White Sox 7367.52112.5
New York Yankees 7069.50415
Boston Red Sox 6773.47918.5
St. Louis Browns 6675.46820
Cleveland Indians 6280.43724.5
Philadelphia Athletics 6080.42925.5

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