September 21, 1924

By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

BROOKLYN—After following two contests in distant cities the last few days, it is a pleasure to arrive at Ebbets Field with both pennant participants romping in front of me. It is also grand to reunite with young Master Spanelli, his fetching new bride Rachel, and Rachel's father Saul, a jolly fellow with deep knowledge of the Robins and his pet pigeons.

Famed spitballer Grimes is hurling for the home nine, one loss to the Pirates away from extinction, so the ball park air is charged with fevered anxiety from the outset. And Burleigh's ball is at its wettest. Grimes acts as if he is throwing the gooey sphere on nearly every pitch, so the hitter is never sure when he'll really see it, and the method has Carey, Grimm and Moore out of balance as they make three quick outs.

Morrison has been the surprise winner for Pittsburgh all season, but a walk to High, single by Wheat and scoring fly by Fournier put Brooklyn on top 1-0 in the bottom of the inning. The Ebbets throng then has a groaning party, for short-stop Mitchell flubs two balls in the second around a Glenn Wright double to even the game 1-1. The Robins fire back with a 2-run salvo, though, in the 3rd: Neis doubles, High walks, Wheat doubles and Brown hits the scoring fly.

From there, the Swami of Saliva takes over. Every time a Pirate reaches base, a whiff or double play follows. Three out of the four middle innings begin with a Buccaneer reaching a bag, but all are abandoned on the high base path seas. Our seats along third base are not the closest, but I can still see the pitches breaking seven or eight inches, and the Pirate flailing is apparent for all to see. Grimes strands a pair to finish off the 9th, retiring Maranville and pinch-sticker Barnhart, and the magical digit remains at two heading into Monday.

Over a bountiful Jewish dinner at Rachel's family house later, we discuss the next day's potential, with the blistering hot Cubs invading Ebbets and Pittsburgh hopping across town to the Polo Grounds. To dramatically survive another day is all one can ask for at this point.

PGH 010 000 000 - 1 6 1
BRK 102 001 00x - 4 8 3

Other ballgames today:

CUBS 9-12-1, at GIANTS 4-16-0
McGraw is on the verge of being put out of his Irish misery. Today's hurling disaster belongs to Hugh McQuillan, who serves up a run-scoring Ray Grimes single and 3-run Hack Miller homer in the 1st at the Polo Grounds to put the home fans asleep and his team in a foul trench from the outset. Pete Alexander, who notches win no. 20 against just four losses, is pecked for eight hits but only two runs in the first four innings, while Hugh Q. dashes all hope by surrendering a Grantham grand slammer in the 4th. The typical too-late Giants rally falls short yet again, and one more loss or Pirate win will now nail their casket shut. Expect the funeral right there tomorrow, when Kremer of Pittsburgh faces Nehf.

at INDIANS 8-15-0, RED SOX 4-14-1
No one can beat this Tribe of late, as a 3-1 lead for Fuhr turns into an 8-2 Cleveland advantage with one blood-spattered 5th inning. Seven straight Indians strike hits, and Boston is never heard from again.

YANKEES 6-11-1, at TIGERS 3-10-2
New York tries their best to throw away their second straight game at Navin but Rip Collins surprises the base ball world by issuing circuit clouts to both Meusel and Schang in the itop of the 10th and Hoyt goes the distance for the win. Detroit ends up taking the drama-filled season series 13-9, and Mr. Collins will have one more chance for his 26th victory.

WHITE SOX 10-14-2, ATHLETICS 9-11-3
How awful a finish are the Mackmen having? Well, despite plating six runs off Ted Lyons in the 3rd and taking a 9-4 lead to the last of the 9th, Chicago scores six times off Burns and Meeker to delight the dozen citizens remaining in the stands and wins on two-out singles to Elsh and Hostile Johnny Mostil.

at BROWNS 17-19-0, SENATORS 6-13-2
Goslin snaps out of his runs batted in slump with a single in the 1st for a 1-0 Nats lead. Every other thing imaginable goes the Brownie way, as Zahniser, Martina, McGrew and the team dog are pummeled mercilessly. It becomes so bad that Mule Shirley, Pinky Hargave and Showboat Fisher make rare appearances in the Senator lineup. Baby Doll Jacobson is the chief culprit here, with two doubles, a homer and seven knocked in as St. Louis snatches fifth place away from Boston.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Sunday, September 21
Pittsburgh Pirates9157.615
Brooklyn Robins8662.5815
New York Giants8563.5746
Cincinnati Reds8265.5588.5
Chicago Cubs7969.53412
St. Louis Cardinals7176.48319.5
Philadelphia Phillies5691.38134.5
Boston Braves40107.27250.5
AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, September 21
x-Washington Senators 8958.605
Detroit Tigers 8168.5449
Chicago White Sox 7870.52711.5
New York Yankees 7572.51014
St. Louis Browns 7079.47020
Boston Red Sox 6979.46620.5
Cleveland Indians 6881.45622
Philadelphia Athletics 6285.42226

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