September 27, 1924

By C. Jedediah Butterworth
Base Ball Freescriber

PITTSBURGH—Returning to the city where I was fiendishly apprehended just three weeks ago is not an easy task, but I have good reason, and the reason is enough to assuage all nerves.

It is a parade for the hometown Pirates, Champions of the National League, valiant liquidators of the Robins, Giants and Reds. Mixing a lethal combination of punctual hitting, tough pitching, on-base speed and impeccable fielding (their 210 double plays turned are 33 more than their nearest competitor) they are more than deserving of the cheers and gifts bestowed upon them here as they roll through leafy Schenley Park in open autos on this gloriously crisp day.

Ahead in the distance is Forbes Field, afflutter with flags, where they will host Chicago in their final home game before accompanying the Cubs to Illinois for the last two skirmishes. They will then either return here or move on to the Nation's Capitol for the start of the World Series, and that choice will be determined in these final days, as Washington is nipping at the Pirate heels for the best record.

Goodness! Manager McKechnie just received a flower bouquet from the Mayor. Kiki Cuyler, despite his poor bat-showing in New York, still garners a few kisses from young female fans, and a brass band plays on a raised scaffold for the passing, conquering heroes.

The game that follows at Forbes is an out-and-out thriller, matching Tony Kauffman against Emil Yde, and the Bucs prove throughout why they're being called the "Draperies of Steel." Chicago plates a pair in the 1st on four straight two-out singles, but the Pirates swing right back onto the ship with two of their own. helped by a butchered ball at second by Grantham. Yde walks the first three batters in the Cub 4th, and a deep fly and Friberg single make it 4-2 for them, but here come the Pirates again! Smith doubles to open matters, Traynor singles him in, Maranville singles with one retired and the home horde rises as one to cheer on the inevitable explosion.

But this time Kauffman gets Yde on strikes, Carey on a ground ball, and the 4-3 Chicago lead is safely intact.

For the Pittsburgh bench, it must be a relief to look up on the outfield score board, see both Brooklyn and New York winning easily, and not even care. They make brave efforts to take the game the rest of the way, but Cuyler, the power source in the heart of their offensive machine all season, is still in one of his almost non-existent slumps. He now is without a hit in his last three games, his average has "tumbled" to .366, and he offers little today with an 0-for-3 showing after a scoring fly in the 1st.

Yet the Buccaneers are never dull, even in defeat. When Yde loads the bases with Cubs in the top of the 9th, Babe Adams takes over to face Hack Miller. Hack rips one to Wright at short, who fires home to begin a giddily sweet double play. The brutal Hartnett is then walked to re-fill the sacks, and Butch Weis whiffs. A Rabbit double with one out in the Pirate 9th rekindles the crowd, but Kauffman is allowed to bail himself out, and gets Jewel Ens on a fly and Carey on a pop.

The Forbes gathering is disappointed, but only for ten seconds. Then they stand, toss their hats, and cheer their pennant winners as loudly as they can to keep their ears ringing all the way to Chicago.

For my own part, I am still undecided about whether to accompany them and collect thoughts from the Pirate players in the days prior to the championship series. I could also got to Boston and speak to Bucky Harris and his Senators. I stare at the New York Sun press ticket in my hand that will gain me access for the entire World Series, and realize I've been given an extra one. Bonnie could leave the wee ones with her sister, and be my companion.

Or I could bring a friend...

CHC 200 200 000 - 4 9 2
PGH 200 100 000 - 3 8 0

Other National League games today:

at ROBINS 15-21-1, BRAVES 0-5-0
Coming immediately after their close, pennant-vanquishing loss to Chicago with Vance on the hill, you could have wagered your house on this result.

at GIANTS 8-14-0, PHILLIES 3-7-1
That goes for this one, as well. Jimmy Ring has no rival when it comes to ineptitude, dropping his record to 6-22 with a godawful showing that begins with an opening triple to Frankie Frisch.

CARDINALS 11-17-1, at REDS 2-8-0
Belive it or not, this is a 2-1 lead for Luque and Cincinnati going into the 8th. Bottomley ties it with a double, Pedro Dibut relieves his Cuban countryman, and NINE Cardinal runs cross the plate off him in the 9th to ruin the Redleg dream of reaching second place.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, September 27
x-Pittsburgh Pirates9260.605
Brooklyn Robins8963.5863
New York Giants8864.5794
Cincinnati Reds8666.5666
Chicago Cubs8171.53311
St. Louis Cardinals7577.49317
Philadelphia Phillies5795.37535
Boston Braves40112.26352

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