July 25, 1924

We pulled into Broad Street Station late last night and Mama was there to hug the stuffing out of me, the first time she'd actually been there to greet me from a trip. I guess she missed me more than usual, probably because I stupidly didn't write her any letters. I guess what Cy told me yesterday about baseball not being good for marriages can also be said about mothers and sons.

Anyway it was good to be back in a bed that didn't roll, and eat Mama's oatmeal and spiced eggs again. She asked me about Rachel a half dozen times before I got out the door and I said I'd write her again soon. I think Mama's nervous about me marrying myself off and would rather have me around for a while, but until I actually talk to Rachel's father there's no sense even worrying about that.

Baker Bowl never looked so good, the horrible heat was gone and a decent crowd of five thousand or so fans were there to welcome us back from our long, tough trip.

And then we thanked them by playing like circus clowns again.

Joe Oescheger was the ringmaster, and he threw a walk out to Friberg with one out in the first. Grantham then tripled down in the right corner for one run, Oesch kicked a grounder halfway to the street for another, and the mauling was on. Hack Miller bombed one over the bleachers to make it 4-0 in the 3rd, and three runs with the help of Oeschie's second error made it 7-0 in the 5th.

Meantime we were busy getting no hits off Vic Aldridge for the first four innings. Mokan started the 5th with a line single, but then Ford erased him right away with a popout double play. What a bad comedy all around. Glazner took over for Oesch and upchucked three more Cub runs in the 7th before Clarence Mitchell gave them a few more in the 9th.

So here we were down 12-0, half the fans already hurrying home, we were about to go ten games behind Chicago in the losses column, making our bet to finish in front of them another stupid dream, and I looked at our blue dugout and suddenly yelled, "Cmon guys!!"

They looked at me like I had a faucet on my head. "C'mon what?" asked Harper. "We can't let these dopes shut us out, right? We gotta take something into tomorrow!" Hod Ford shouted out "I'm game!" grabbed his bat out of my hands and ran up to the plate. Aldridge threw and Hod whacked it into left for a single. So did pinch-hitter Schultz. The dugout was alive again. Harper drove one high and deep to Heathcote in center but after he caught it both runners advanced. Heinie swung as hard as he could three times but whiffed, and with two outs, here came the Incredible Holke.

"No shutout!" yelled Cy from the on-deck spot, and whaddya know! Holke ripped the ball over Grantham's head for a two-run single. Ford and Schultz got pounded on the back when they came in while the Cubs just stood out there tryng not to laugh at us. But we sure as hell didn't care. Cy singled just then and Wrightstone rolled out to end the thing, but we'd showed 'em how tough we can be when we put our minds to it, even if just for ten minutes.

Afterwards I got a new cigar for my inspiring from Harper, and even Art Fletcher shook my hand. Maybe I should try and be a coach or manager when my batboy career is over.

Good night, reader-people!

CHI 202 030 302 - 12 20 0
PHI 000 000 002 - 2 7 3

Other National League games today:

at BRAVES 5-10-1, PIRATES 2-10-2
Believe it or else, that's three wins for the Braves in their last five games with the Bucs, and they almost took another one in Pittsburgh. The American League is off today with all the east-west clubs crossing over each other, and the Bucs don't seem to like being away from Forbes that much, so hopefully the next few weeks will be interesting. Jimmy Cooney takes care of them here as Barnhart and Cuyler make huge errors in the outfield to help Boston out.

REDS 12-16-1, a ROBINS 1-5-3
Can you believe this? The first time Cincy has picked up pennant race ground on the Bucs in almost two weeks, and they do it with fashion, beating Burleigh Grimes into a coma. Eppa Rixey is back to his suffocating stuff and gets his 14th win while Curt Walker knocks in four from the leadoff spot.

CARDINALS 7-13-1, at GIANTS 1-6-1
Leave it to McGraw's guys to get back to the Polo Grounds and absolutely stink. Against hit-happy Jesse Haines New York can do almost nothing after loading the bases with none out in the 1st. Bottomley continues his crazy hitting with another homer and four batted in. The Cards are making a late push here!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Friday, July 25
Pittsburgh Pirates6033.645
Cincinnati Reds5740.5885
New York Giants5440.5746.5
Brooklyn Robins5542.5677
St. Louis Cardinals5045.52611
Chicago Cubs4451.46317
Philadelphia Phillies3661.37126
Boston Braves2670.27135.5

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