By Calvin J. Butterworth
Man of Base Ball Prose

July 27, 1924

A gentle, benevolent breeze ruffles the team flags atop the Navin Field rooftop, and I am back behind our dugout with my darling wife and gracious children to take in today's Athletics-Tigers performance of base ball skill. Bonnie looks breathtaking in her yellow dress and matching bonnet, while little Callie and Cavendish are as scrubbed and well-behaved as young ones can be.

Ed Rommel throws for Philadelphia against our Earl of Whitehill, and despite our hopes for an evenly matched contest, it is simply not to be. Al Simmons singles home Dykes in the 2nd frame, a Lu Blue botch brings in a second tally in the 3rd, and Whitehill loses interest in all things base ball-related in the 4th. Simmons and Lamar open with singles, get bunted over with two out by Rommel, Galloway singles, Bishop draws a pass and Bing Miller renders the next pitch obsolete with a soaring grand slam of a bash over the left fence.

The 7-0 lead proves to be the final count, relieving all pressure of a possible win from the yard, and allowing me to take in the glorious weather. I walk Callie and Cavendish up to an ice cream wagon, where the strawberry flavor is most scrumptious, and the chilled delight has the texture of sweet silk. I also purchase an exquisitely tasty hot sausage roll for Bonnie at another vendor stand, ladle it with ample mustard, and deliver it to her seat well before the 7th inning commences. The Tigers have long been put to sleep by Rommel, and even the wonderful Ty Cobb has yet to drive a ball past the infield, but no matter. One can't win every game, correct? As long as the clouds are fluffy and the company enjoyable, why would

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Mr. Butterworth's game account has been halted due to mechanical errors in our newspaper press room. We hope to correct the situation soon.
—Percival Q. Mellon

PHI 011 500 000 - 7 13 1
DET 000 000 000 - 0 7 1


at INDIANS 13-14-1, SENATORS 3-7-1
Two straight Tribe wins over the first-place Nats, this one a massacre. Washington scratches out a 1st inning run but Judge ruins the rally with a double play grounder and Cleveland takes over from there. Sherry Smith triples in two off Martina to get their scoring going, and a clown parade of Marberry, Zahniser and McGrew cannot plug the waterfall of runs.

at WHITE SOX 3-4-0, YANKEES 2-9-0
New York puts men on base the entire game against Sloppy Thurston, the Sox do virtually nothing with Joe Bush, yet a lucky Mostil 3-run homer off the foul pole in the 6th gives Chicago all they need. The Bambino swats no. 26 in the losing cause.

at BROWNS 5-11-0, RED SOX 3-13-3
Boston gets five extra-base hits to the Browns' one, but they all come at the wrong times as Danforth bests Fullerton at a peaceful, largely unoccupied Sportsman's Park.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Sunday, July 27
Washington Senators 6633.667
Detroit Tigers 5446.54012.5
Chicago White Sox 5146.52614
New York Yankees 5047.51515
St. Louis Browns 4653.46520
Cleveland Indians 4456.44022.5
Philadelphia Athletics 4356.43423
Boston Red Sox 4057.41225

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