April 26, 1924

When the Braves wrecked our early 2-0 lead with three runs in the 3rd on a Casey Stengel double, I said oh boy here we go again, another lousy day at Mort's. But this time Bill Hubbell calmed way down, Steineder pitched three innings of relief without a hit, and we got two big hits late, a pinch triple by Schultz and 9th inning triple from Steineder himself to win this one 5-3.

We needed it bad because now after a day off we go to the Polo Grounds to start eleven straight games against the Giants and Robins. I'm not kidding. Whatver dope thought up this schedule must be a Phillies-hater. Hopefully those two mashers will play as average as they've been lately, otherwise we might be out of this race in no time. Cy Williams had a triple and single in this game but he's gotta do much more for us.

Mama wants me to go to church with her tomorrow, so I guess I will because she did let me get away with going up to New York the other day. I don't like our preacher much but that's okay because it's usually easy for me to slip baseball cards into my coat pocket and flip through them during the sermon. Benny has a couple of Yankees cards he promised me once for helping him change a tire on some guy's jalopy, but I'm still waiting for them and got stuck with a bunch of St. Louis Browns this year. Oh well, have to make the most of them.

Good night, reader-people!

PHL 101 000 201 - 5 6 0
BOS 003 000 000 - 3 5 0

Other National League games I read on Mort's ticker:

at ROBINS 6-8-0, GIANTS 0-4-3
My new pitching hero Dazzy Vance put the Giants to sleep on only four singles and whiffed an amazing eight hitters! Brooklyn scored on a Fournier solo homer in the 6th, a Wheat 2-run homer in the 7th and a Bernie Neis 3-run homer in the 7th.

at PIRATES 2-10-0, REDS 0-9-0
Didn't I tell everyone to watch out for the Bucs? Kremer throws a shutout and they take a 2-game lead. The good news is that they've only played the weaker western teams so far.

CARDINALS 6-7-1, at CUBS 2-5-2 (10 innings)
This was a surprise after all the scoring these teams have been doing. Sothoron had a 2-0 lead in the 8th but Jigger Statz tied the game with what must've been a doinky 2-run homer. Sheriff Blake was pitching in extras and walked three Cards to load the bases before Grantham threw a grounder away to start the winning 4-run rally. Hornsby had a terrible game going 0-for-5 but they still won!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, April 26
Pittsburgh Pirates83.700
Brooklyn Robins65.5452
New York Giants65.5452
St. Louis Cardinals66.5002.5
Boston Braves66.500 2.5
Cincinnati Reds55.455 3
Philadelphia Phillies57.364 3.5
Chicago Cubs48.3334.5

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