April 29, 1924

I woke up in the Brooklyn doorway to find that the vagrant kids made off with all of my cash except for a five-dollar bill I stuffed in my sock. Not a great way to start a day in another city. After I checked to see if Rachel was home yet (she wasn't) I bought a buttery roll for breakfast and got myself back to the Polo Grounds.

I snuck into the park the same way I did yesterday, but took a seat down the right field line in a section that was less filled with Giants fans so I could enjoy myself more. And boy did I ever. Oescheger was throwing for us against Bentley, and for six innings we looked like world's champions. Schultz and Sand began the game with doubles and we scored three runs. Bentley was real terrible, giving up a double to Cy and a 2-run homer to Jimmie Wilson in the 3rd. Even Parkinson doubled in a run in the 6th to puts us up 6-0 and that was the showers for Bentley. Ryan, Baldwin and Jonnard calmed the Phils down, right when Oescheger began to get hit, but Huck Betts came on to pitch the last few innings and put us ahead of the Giants in the standings!

It was a warm sunny day but even though we won kind of easy, I started to get nervous around the 7th inning. I could see a lot of New York from up there, and all I could do was worry about where I was going to get dinner and end up sleeping that night. I actually began to root for extra innings, like 40 of them, because I knew if the game never ended I wouldn't have to leave and could just fall asleep in the grandstand. Of course I knew this would never happen until someone invented a bunch of spotlights that could let the teams play at night, but it was a nice dream to keep me going anyway.

I had about three dollars and fifty cents left, which bought me a sausage in Brooklyn and got me into a late-night nickelodeon, where I fell asleep to an organist serenading a small crowd while they watched a romantic story taking place in old England. Hopefully Rachel will be back tomorrow, because if not I'll probably have to go home. Good night, reader-people!

PHL 302 001 000 - 6 11 1
NYG 000 000 121 - 4 9 0

Other National league games:

at BRAVES 1-6-0, ROBINS 0-5-1
Probably more shocking than the Phillies game. Joe Genewich holds the Robins at bay as the Braves win on a Gus Felix sacrifice fly off Ruether in the 9th.

PIRATES 8-14-0, at CUBS 7-14-3 (10 innings)
A fierce battle won by the first-placers. Chicago fights back to tie the game with three runs the last two innings, but Sparky Adams makes a big error to give the Bucs two runs in the 10th. Moore and Smith hit homers for Pittsburgh, only their second and third of the season.

CARDINALS 6-14-1, at REDS 5-9-3 (11 innings)
Back and forth they go, before Ray Baldes singles in Wattie Holm for the winner. Dolf Luque, who looks colored but is actually Cuban, is now 0-3 and getting no batting help from his Red mates.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Tuesday, April 29
Pittsburgh Pirates95.643
Brooklyn Robins86.5711
Philadelphia Phillies77.500 2
Cincinnati Reds77.500 2
St. Louis Cardinals78.4672.5
New York Giants68.4293
Boston Braves68.429 3
Chicago Cubs69.4003.5

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  1. Vinny,

    You should seriously think twice about chasing this Brooklyn Dame. I'm sure there has to be one or two lookers in Philly who like baseball and the Phillies? Good luck and I hope you make it back safely.