April 19, 1924

Well, I found a better way to sneak out of school for today's game, a window that was open a crack in the boy's bathroom, but didn't know Mr. Tuggerheinz was hiding in a stall waiting for me. He grabbed me and hauled me to his office for a ruler whacking and half hour of lecture, and I told him I had a sick brother and had to take care of him every afternoon. I also promised to make up any time I missed and he said okay but I hope he never finds out I don't have a brother.

Anyway, I missed my streetcar and had to run over to a different street and hop another one. Somehow I ended up in some scary Irish neighborhood, so I found a guy who had a recent map (see above) and he got me configured the right way, but I ended up missing Whitey Glazner get butchered by Brooklyn for 11 hits and 8 runs in the first three innings. This was probably one of those disguised blessings. Benny was so bored by the time I got there he was gambling on foul balls with Gus.

The Robins got 19 hits altogether, and we only got eight off Tiny Osborne. Plus we hadn't made an error all year and threw three away in this one. Believe it when I say we were garbage-eaters.

But the big news is that the day off I thought we were getting tomorrow for Church Day is not a day off at all. The teams are taking the train up to Brooklyn for the opening Ebbets Field game and then coming back, meaning we won't get to see Dazzy Vance pitch on Monday like we were counting on! Benny really wants to find a way to travel up to Brooklyn but my mama will burn her muffins if she knows I did that.

So I guess I won't tell her. Benny's going to come wake me up first thing tomorrow with a plan for how we're going to get up there. He's crazy so I trust him to come up with one. If it happens it'll be my first time ever in New York!

ROBINS 062 002 011 — 12 19 1
PHILS 000 001 100 — 2 8 3


at GIANTS 12-14-3, BRAVES 2-10-3
Boston continues to stink like I figured they would in the Polo Grounds. The McGrawers hit four triples off their ex-mate Marquard and Mule Watson pitched the whole game for the win.

at REDS 6-19-1, CUBS 4-10-1
Neither Tom Sheehan or Tony Kaufmann looked to good here, but Sheehan held on, probably because he gave up nine less hits. Grantham hit a 3-run poke for the Cubs.

PIRATES 3-9-0, at CARDINALS 1-5-1
Yikes, those Buccaneers are to be reckoned with! Johnny Morrison shut down the Card hitters easy, including Hornsby, who whiffed twice.

Good night, reader-people, and I'll talk to you from somewhere tomorrow!


NATIONAL LEAGUE through Saturday, April 19
Pittsburgh Pirates 41.750
Philadelphia Phillies 32.667 1
Brooklyn Robins 32.6671
New York Giants 32.6671
St. Louis Cardinals 23.4002
Chicago Cubs 23.4002
Cincinnati Reds 23.400 2
Boston Braves 14.200 3

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