April 18, 1924

Mr. Tuggerheinz saw me duck out the back door today just before lunch and he almost got me by the ankle but I was too quick. It's a good thing because if he did I probably would've missed or been late for the THIRD STRAIGHT Phillies win! We scored over ten runs in each of them and today the top of the lineup must have had rabies or something close. Mokan, Holke, Harper and Cy went 14-for-18 with five doubles and a Holke homer and boy do the Braves ever stink. Oescheger pitched for us and he's really no good but the weak Brave lineup was helpless all over.

Thank God Benny was back because he would've been real sore if he'd missed this. Hod Ford even homered again in the 8th with the game long gone and Benny tried to talk the kid who caught it into giving him the ball but the kid had rotten teeth and a dirty face and looked like he could've whipped him silly.

Now the Brooklyn Robins are coming for four games, except for Sunday when everyone's supposed to go to church instead, but forget about that for me. I'll be over at Mort's getting all the details of other games. As for tomorrow I have to try and find a new way to escape school without that creepy Tuggerheinz seeing me. I'll work on it.


BOSTON 000 220 021 — 7 13 1
PHILA. 201 305 12x — 14 18 0

The other NL games:

ROBINS 15-17-0, at GIANTS 1-6-0
Yup, you are not seeing a hallucination. Dutch Ruether pitched great and the Robins pooped all over the Giant pitchers with a homer from Fournier and grand-slammer by Wheat. Hope our pitchers can ice these guys!

CUBS 11-15-0, at CARDS 4-12-3
Another cremation. Hartnett, Friberg and Hack Miller all homer for Chicago and Elmer Jacobs gets the win.

PIRATES 4-8-0, at REDS 1-8-2
That guy with the weird name Emil Yde beats the Cuban guy Dolf Luque, and guess what? The Pirates and Phillies are tied for first! Hurray Pennsylvania and good night, reader-people!

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Friday, April 18
Philadelphia Phillies 31. 750
Pittsburgh Pirates 31.750
St. Louis Cardinals 22.5001
New York Giants 22.5001
Chicago Cubs 22.5001
Brooklyn Robins 22.5001
Cincinnati Reds 13 250 2
Boston Braves 13 250 2

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