April 24, 1924

This was going to be our rebounding day, and I knew that when SCHULTZ HOME RUN, 1-0 PHL came across Mort's ticker after the very first batter. Then the same Joe Schultz dropped a fly in the bottom of the 1st, the Braves tied the game, and I needed my first cherry soda to relax.

Benny was back, after enjoying watching the Athletics lose their home opener over at Shibe yesterday. Benny hates the Athletics much more than me for a reason I still can't figure out, and you'd think because their field is right down the street from ours they'd be some kind of shared home team for us, but they're just not. Sometimes I think people can't root for two clubs at once and create excuses to divide them in their heads.

Anyway, Benny was in such a good mood that when the Braves scored three in the 2nd off Glazner with the help of an error by Frank Parkinson at third that he just shrugged and went to a table in the back to squeeze into a poker game.

But the Phils fought back, scored one in the 4th and then a Heinie Sand double tied it in the 6th. Marquard was pitching for Boston and we thought he was going to fall apart but just didn't, and got even tougher. After Sand's double he didn't give up another hit, and after Parkinson hit into a double play to ruin a rally in the 7th, I knew we were in trouble. I don't like Parkinson. He fills in sometimes against lefty pitchers because Wrightstone has trouble with them, but he's so bad they could name a disease after him.

So in the bottom of the 10th, Mort's all filled with cigar smoke by now, McINNIS HOME RUN, BOS 5 PHL 4 FINAL came across the ticker, and I couldn't even finish my fizzer. I always said it's easier when your team loses on the road because it's not right in front of you, but it's never easy to lose by one run, even if the game is played on the Moon. Good night, reader-people!

PHL 100 102 000 0 — 4 5 2
BOS 130 000 000 1 — 5 9 1

Other National League games on the ticker today:

GIANTS 10-14-0, 5-11-3
Most of the people at Mort's were following this one, and nobody was happy about it. Jimmy O'Connell fills in for injured Ross Youngs in right and gets a double and three triples in the cleanup spot. Even the crummy Billy Southworth homers as the Giants destroy Dutch Ruether behind Bentley to open the Ebbets Field part of their season battle.

PIRATES 9-13-1, REDS 4-15-0
Cincy ties the game with three runs in the 5th but the big tough Bucs score three back immediately on four straight singles off Dolf Luque and a sacrifice fly ball. I'm not looking forward to our first skirmish with the Pennsylvanians from the far west.

CARDINALS 10-17-2, CUBS 8-11-1
Guess I could say that for these other western clubs, because they can all smack the ball. Hornsby is on base every time in this one with a homer, and the Cards come close to blowing away an 8-1 lead. Flint Rhem gives up five Cub triples but still escapes with the win.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Thursday, April 24
Pittsburgh Pirates 72.778
Brooklyn Robins 54.5562
New York Giants 54.5562
St. Louis Cardinals 55.5002.5
Boston Braves 55.500 2.5
Cincinnati Reds 45.444 3
Philadelphia Phillies 46.400 3.5
Chicago Cubs 37.3004.5

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