April 23, 1924

When the Phils are out of town, I basically got two choices to follow them: take a streetcar up to Broad Street News to watch the fake players move around on their diamond board, or head over to Mort's Cigars. And I already told you I was going there today so I guess it's no surprise.

Mort had the cherry soda fountain all ready to go, and poured me one the second I walked in. Benny didn't come because he decided to sneak into the Athletics home opener at Shibe Park instead. That idea didn't excite me, because I'm way too far gone for the Phillies to root for those second-division apes.

Anyway, Mort had his telegraph cooking with news from Braves Field every few minutes, and I jumped off my stool when the first ticker for the top of the 2nd read MOKAN HOME RUN. The next one said SINGLES BY SAND, FORD AND OESCHEGER. 2-0 PHILLIES and I put a nickel down for my second cherry fizzer.

Norbert the Naysayer was over at a table playing gin rummy, and every time I hooted or hollered he pounded his beverage glass on the table and yelled "Just you wait, sonny, just you wait!" I hate being called sonny. You'd think grownups would take a minute sometimes to learn your stupid name.

But either Norbert the Naysayer was right or he put a big whammy on us, because Mort's ticker for the last of the 5th read POWELL HOME RUN, 2-1 PHILLIES and in the 8th it was POWELL TRIPLE, CUNNINGHAM PINCH SINGLE, 2-2 SCORE.

From then I was too nervous to drink any more soda and had two fresh hot pretzels instead. Mort's lucky because he's so busy selling drinks and cigars and making sure card games and betting is going on that he doesn't have time to get broken up when the Phillies blow games.

And he was sure glad when those three cops came in later to get their payoffs, because he missed Huck Betts throwing the game down the laundry chute in the 11th. McINNIS SINGLE...STENGEL WALK...GIBSON WALK...I let the ticker paper roll into my hand but kept my eyes closed, then finally opened them to read BANCROFT SINGLE, BRAVES WIN 3-2.

Supposedly they had a warm Indian spring day in Boston, so I'm sure the Braves fans were thrilled. It's easy to be when your team hasn't won a pennant in ten years. Hopefully Glazner will shut them up good tomorrow. Good night, reader-people!

PHL 020 000 000 00 — 2 9 1
BOS 000 010 010 01 — 3 10 0

Only one other National League game on the ticker today:

CARDINALS 13-14-1, CUBS 9-10-4
Ray Blades hits like a crazy person, knocking a 3-run homer, a triple, and getting seven runs batted in. Leo Dickerman actually has a 13-3 lead when the Cubs wake up in the 8th with five runs but it's too darn late. I've never been to Wrigley FIeld and only seen one photo, but I'm sure the place was pretty stuffed for their home opener, too. Tomorrow the Robins host the Giants and Forbes Field gets opened to the public against the Reds.

NATIONAL LEAGUE through Wednesday, April 23
Pittsburgh Pirates 62.750
Brooklyn Robins 53.6251
Cincinnati Reds 44.500 2
New York Giants 44.5002
Philadelphia Phillies 45.444 2.5
St. Louis Cardinals 45.4442.5
Boston Braves 45.444 2.5
Chicago Cubs 36.3333.5

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