By Calvin J. Butterworth
Detroit Free-Enterprise

April 29, 1924

This reporter was remiss in announcing that yesterday was the final game of the White Sox series, and it was a good thing, for he would have left town on an empty train and missed perhaps the most exciting tilt of the 4-game set.

A game that was a scoreless duel between Blankenship and Stoner for the first five innings turned into an eight-cannon harbor battle by its conclusion. Kamm doubled in a Chicago run in the top of the 6th before a Heilman triple and Manush single knotted the game in the bottom half. In the top of the 7th, Topper Rigney committed his latest in a never-ending calvacade of gaffes, booting a possible double play grounder by the pitcher that quickly turned into three stragiht hits and four Chicago runs.

But the White Sox must have worn stockings on their hands, for they were equally butter-gloved. Clancy's error led to a 3-run rally in the 7th, and errors from Barrett and Falk opened the 8th frame floodgates. After Cvengros came in to hurl, Rigney walked, Heilman singled for the lead, Manush singled and Blue and Woodall doubled to file this one in the victory cabinet.

Cobb can now board the St. Louis Express with his underlings for the long journey west, calm visions of cozy berths and midnight card games in their heads.

CHI 000 000 400 - 5 13 3
DET 000 001 37x - 11 15 2

Other American League games:

RED SOX 9-12-3, at SENATORS 4-6-1
Two straight Senator disasters, as Firpo Marberry gets shellacked for seven runs in the first two innings. The surprising Bostonians are suddenly one game under the .500 mark.

YANKEES 10-15-2, at ATHLETICS 9-15-0
Despite the Bambino still doing almost nothing with his big stick, Shawkey gets his first win and the Yanks prevail. Lamar and Hauser each hit 2-run belts for the Elephants in the losing endeavor.

at BROWNS 8-11-0, INDIANS 3-9-0
The Tribe offense stays asleep until plating three runs in the 9th, hoodwinked by the inexplicably employed Ray Kolp, and tie the Browns for 7th place.

AMERICAN LEAGUE through Tuesday, April 29
Chicago White Sox 105.667
Washington Senators 96.6001
New York Yankees 96.6001
Detroit Tigers 87.5332
Boston Red Sox 78.4673
Cleveland Indians 69.4004
St. Louis Browns 69.4004
Philadelphia Athletics 510.3335

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